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Investigate This Self Taught Knowledge Model

Presenting a self-taught model preview to investigate different types of knowledge. Not just any kind but what you have acquired over a period of years. Have you ever thought about where knowledge goes to in your brain? What about how you remember some information and forget other data. It amazes and at the time frustrates me when I try to remember something and for the life of me cannot recall it. Then when my thoughts are on unrelated information it pops into my brain out from nowhere. I do not have all the answers but I want to check out a few thoughts on the subject.
Investigation model preview 1: Old knowledge recalled. The brain works in unusual ways. Some people are smarter than others. It is amazing to me how one person has a good memory and the next can not remember from one day to the next. It could be hereditary or maybe it is not getting the correct amount of exercise. What data is important to you will be recalled easier than data you have no interest in whatsoever. The point I am trying to make is comparing data to the food you like eat and the amount of left overs that is thrown away the part you do not like.
Investigation model preview 2: Current knowledge explored. How do really know how smart you really are? Is there a gauge to measure the depth of your sense? Have you seen a scale that weighs the information acquired over the years? This is hypothetical thinking with a desired result. It does not work that way knowledge is not measured but calculated by how much of it you can retain and recall at a moments notice.
Investigation model preview 3: New knowledge stored. Where does the new information that is learned go inside our brain? What type of storage system is used? If you are like me we are both clueless about the matter. It happens in my mind all by itself automatically. The only thing I do is read, study, and research. Usually I go over the information several times and it sticks like glue.
Investigation model preview 4: General knowledge sought after. Sometimes data that I have not used for a while gets buried underneath incoming information. That means I will need to dig it up because it is almost forgotten about. Other knowledge is camouflaged so I have to hunt very careful for it. It could be covered up and hid so well that the disguise makes it almost impossible to find.
Now is the time to go on a treasure hunt inside your mind. You will never know how much buried gold maybe found. If you go looking on purpose the more will be uncovered. Have certain information that you want revealed to expose those hiding places. Waiting will only prolong your findings and slow down the discoveries.

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Personal Finance Knowledge – How to Get a Copy of Your Credit Report

Your personal finance knowledge should encompass the idea of you knowing what your credit score is. Do not simply go on as normal, to find out too late that you are not eligible for that loan you so desperately need. It is important you know this before you even apply for a loan.
But, if you look around, you will find a number of companies that will sell you a copy of your credit report and credit score. These are useful, but what if you cannot really afford the fees for this information?
There are free reports available for you to access. Typically they do not give you the full information package of a paid report, but they can still be very useful as a starting point.
Each site has their own terms and conditions for them giving you the free report. Make sure you know these terms and conditions thoroughly before you apply. Some, perhaps most firms, will use the offer of a free report to get you on their database. Once they do they can try and sell you their services forever.
There are marketers who will target desperate people in order to obtain their money and then only offer a mediocre service at best. If you spend money, make sure you know exactly what you want and that you will get it.
Not everyone is like this, but you do not know which is which, so act accordingly. Only buy stuff you need and will use. And only but from reputable firms or organizations that have a comprehensive and believable complaints policy and money back guarantee.
One thing you can do right now is go to and check them out. Did you notice the https at the start? Most sites start with http. The additional ‘s’ means that the site has additional encryption security for your online security.
This site can let you have a free credit report but there are limitations. It is up to you to check out the terms and conditions and decide for yourself. Going to sites like this and accessing the free data about your financial position is one of the first steps to increasing your personal finance knowledge.

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Becoming Your Best Self – Self Knowledge is Key!

I truly enjoy the process of becoming my best self! While I’m pretty darn good just the way I am, there is an excitement that comes with always seeking the next level of being. Each small step along the way is a victory, one to be acknowledged and celebrated.
Getting to know myself, as part of this process, has become very important to me, as it is impossible to move forward if we have no idea where we are. The following is a list of personal knowledge that I believe is essential to becoming my best self.
1. Values What qualities do we hold most dear? There are so many possible qualities that are deserving of being a core value, however, our particular combination of values helps define who we are. In addition, no matter how many values we actually hold dear and have an emotional investment in, there is a definite priority to those values. It is not enough to figure out what values we ‘value’; we need to understand which ones are most important to us. This will allow us to make our stress-free choices.
2. Beliefs A belief is a mental acceptance of and conviction in the truth, actuality, or validity of something or some thought. Our lives are shaped by these beliefs. Even though we accept them as truth or actuality, there is nothing that demands they be real. Unfortunately, mistaken beliefs prevent us from moving forward in different areas of our life. While it may be a challenge, it is absolutely possible to get clear about what beliefs we hold, and to decide whether those beliefs bolster us or not. Again, it’s not enough to know what we believe, we need to understand the impact of that particular belief on our life and to acknowledge that we can indeed change that belief.
3. Standards Standards are the behaviors we hold ourselves to. They denote a point of reference against which we individually compare and evaluate ourselves. They are closely related to our core values. It is quite an enlightening experience to identify exactly what behaviors make you feel good about yourself and allow you to consider yourself “in” integrity.
4. Boundaries Boundaries are the behaviors we hold others to. They represent what we allow others to do in our presence and almost always have a parallel standard. This is because they are related to our deepest values, so it makes sense that we would develop both standards and boundaries for those critical issues in our lives.
5. Role Model QualitiesFor me, a role model quality is an behavior which we hope that others will want to emulate because it represents the quintessence of that quality. I usually ask people what 3 qualities would they like to role model for others, to be an outstanding example of that attribute in action. For me, the top 3 are respect, compassion and wholeness (the quality of being one’s best self). Ordinarily, these 3 qualities could also be described as your top 3 values, the ones that we must live up to in order to feel “in” integrity.

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Yoga – Apply Your Knowledge

The practice of yoga has huge benefits both physical and mental. But if we want to draw maximum benefits of it, we should not impose our personal ideas to the concepts and practices of yoga. What we should do is incorporate the teachings of yoga in our lives as best as we can and apply them in all situations and at all times. Thus we can reach wisdom. Knowledge is an intellectual process, but the moment we begin to apply knowledge in a practical way in our lives, knowledge becomes wisdom. Knowledge becomes wisdom when applied in life. The knowledge remains knowledge when we know one thing, but we do not apply it because of our situation or circumstances.
As aspirant of yoga, as a student of yoga, like Yogi, as sannyasin, whatever our role in the world of yoga, our efforts must remain focused on the implementation of what we know, not to fill our head with lots of different ideas and fail or lose our direction in life. This has been the message that Paramahamsaji has passed. I found this inspiration in their satsangs.
The practices of yoga, whether it is asana, pranayama or meditation, are very good. We should try to do them but, together with these practices, we must also understand the reality behind the outward appearance. Not all that shines is gold. How do we know that is not gold? We must look beyond appearance and only then we will become a true yoga sadhaka.

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Modification – Knowledge, Power, Wisdom

By now, if you actually read past the title, you probably are already familiar with some of the specifications for a loan modification. You probably understand the basic guidelines and standards in order to qualify. You are probably facing a financial hardship, money is short, while you are scrapping by month to month (maybe “scrapping by” is under exaggerating your circumstance). According to your present knowledge and understanding for a modification to be offered you qualify on all accounts. Then, why has it been so difficult to receive or negotiate with your lender? This article will appear very elementary, however it is not to insult anyone’s intelligence but to make sure there is no misunderstandings with what is being written.
For common ground let us define the terms “knowledge,” “power,” and “wisdom.”
1. Knowledge: the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association or the fact or condition of being aware of something accompanied by the range of one’s information or understanding
2. Power: the ability to act or produce an effect. Power also can be defined as possession of control, authority, or influence over other.
3. Wisdom: knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight.
Let us focus on Knowledge for the moment. Our knowledge in any particular field will determine our efforts, our frustration and ultimately our success or failure. With any endeavor the more knowledge we have the more confident our approach. Let us not though equate knowledge with conceit or arrogance. The first question you must ask yourself is, “What is my knowledge regarding the qualifications for a modification? The second question I should ask, “What is my knowledge regarding the process of a modification when contacting my lender?” Another question a person could ask themselves is “How long does a modification typically?” If a person is unable to answer these question confidently then the next question is obvious, “Where do I get more information regarding the standards, process, and procedures of a loan modifications?”
Power. For this article let us focus on the italicized portion of the definition previously mentioned, “influence over others”. When applying for a modification an individual will need to exercise (wisdom remember is the judgment as to action, or putting our knowledge into action) their familiarity pertaining to lender processes for a modification. This relates to the first question mentioned for individuals to assay their knowledge regarding a modification. People can only act according to their knowledge, even if that knowledge is just contacting your lender for more understanding.
A loan modification is a great benefit to a struggling homeowner in dire needs, while many persons have benefited from their mortgage being accepted and having their monthly mortgage payments reduced. This is not the case for everyone. As such, if you find yourself needing more knowledge to act with power and wisdom, there are choices available to assist. Either you can contact your lender directly; you can hire a professional firm to assist and use their knowledge; you can also seek more information by utilizing ebooks written for home owner’s benefits providing more knowledge regarding consummating a modification.

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Preparing For the FAA Pilot Knowledge Test

I am preparing for my FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test:Should I go on a few local flights to prepare?
This really depends on you – and my instant “yes” may not be the correct answer for you. I am a very strong advocate of purchasing and studying an online FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test preparation course EVEN if you are attending a traditional classroom ground school.
Here is the problem with my instant yes. They’re usually one hour, and I can guarantee you that 2 hours in the air will cost you more than the online course; an interactive digital course that is always updated to meet any FAA changes.
You need to weigh this question out for yourself and decide if the investment is worth it. If you are a “learn by” example / visual / left brain type of person then going up with different people and taking the controls for a while will really help you immensely.
The passing score on the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test is only 70%. If you get 70% the FAA will let you move forward and begin learning how to physically fly an aircraft. As stated in another article, it is important to do better than just pass the test “by the skin of your teeth”. The FAA really doesn’t care, but everyone else does.
If you are considering a carrier in Aviation or if you want to move forward into any certifications that includes compensation (such as towing gliders or crop dusting) your employer will want to know what your score was on your FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test. Even more, your Score on the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test can affect the way the insurance companies look at you in some states. Yes, all pilots need to have insurance the same as any driver.
Here is a bit of a solution to the financial burden of trying to get some airtime while you are still preparing for your FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test. Let everyone at the airport closest to you know that you want to go flying. There are usually quite a few FAA Recreational Pilots flying on the weekends. They can legally carry one passenger with them and if you explain your situation they may even let you fly for free just to have the company.
If you have a jump school close to you (parachuting) express your situation to them. Normally the aircraft used are two seats, and even if both seats are occupied, you can sit in a jump seat or stand in the doorway to get a feel. Personally, I would just make sure I was the last one to jump.
If you are enrolled in classroom training for your FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test then let your instructor know you want to go up as much as you can. All pilots know other pilots and your instructor will also be able to help.