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Learn At Least One New Thing Each Day – Baloney!

The other day, I went to a website and it had advice for those folks that were intelligent, but really wanted to be a genius. One of the things it noted was that it was important to learn something new every day, and to always seek knowledge. Yes, I agree with most of that, and I certainly agree with the underlining philosophy, however I have a slight difference of opinion, and it comes from observation, experience, and now I can impart it to you as wisdom.
Forget this concept of learning something new every day, this thought you need to learn at least one new thing before you go to bed each and every night. Rather I would submit to you that you should seek to learn 100 new things each and every day of your life. And you might think that’s nearly impossible, but it’s not, I know because I do it every day. As you may not be used to it and just like someone who is training for a marathon, the average human cannot go out and run 10 miles per day, it takes conditioning and practice of course.
Indeed, I would submit to you that the average American who is that, dumb, and happy probably couldn’t run more than a mile and a half without hyperventilating, or pulling a muscle, and running out of breath. But if you practice, eventually you will be able to run three miles a day, four, five, six, and eventually ten miles without stopping. The same thing goes for learning. Sometimes you just have to focus, you have to turn your mind on, get excited about learning, and you’ll soon find out you are quite good at it.
The human brain works much like a muscle, so this is not anything you can’t accomplish. I suppose there are days when I learned 200 things, and hopefully I retain much of that, but memory is also like a muscle, as it gets better the more you use it, and the more you recall that information for use in various human endeavors. If you want to be a genius, you will have to constantly be learning and gathering new information.
They say you should never go to sleep on a full stomach, but I say you should never go to sleep with an empty mind. It is amazing what the mind can do when it rests, and if you have been accumulating information, your mind may work through problems that other humans have never solved. And if you do what I’m explaining here in this article, you too can come up with two or more original thoughts every single day of your life. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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All Things (a)Twitter – Twitter Knowledge!

Even if you are new to the internet, the chance are you have heard about “Twitter”, the micro-blogging platform where the challenge is to have your meaningful say in 140 characters or less. Besides stretching the limits of your imagination and honing your haiku skills, this social networking tool has exploded onto the internet (and traditional) marketers’ horizons with great force, and it seems every one from Oprah (the newest celeb to publicly succumb to the Twitter hype) and President Barack Obama (who is using Twitter to help drive his Health Reform Bill) right through to the Pope has cottoned onto the marketing, brand building and social opinion influencing power of this website.
Such is the power of Twitter as an opinion former (or at least influencing opinion) that even Fortune 500 companies have appointed “Official Social Networking Managers” to continuously keep their brands in the minds of its Twitter followers, expanding on the traditional brand building and brand managing efforts, boosting sales and creating more loyal followers in the process.
The internet being the internet showing no favour just because you are a Fortune 500 company, Twitter has brought tremendous power to the smaller internet and traditional marketer as well, where the small operator can generate just as much traffic to his/her website and create an on-line brand, using the same techniques Fortune 500 companies do. However, some Twitter techniques work better than others do (especially seeing it is a SOCIAL networking platform), and those who manage to tap into the social psyche more effectively than their counterparts can be assured of more traffic and a better response to their Twitter “campaign”. Here is possibly where Fortune 500 companies have the edge – they can afford to employ a Psych graduate (or two or three) or even Post Graduates to manage their Twitter campaigns, especially when it comes to shaping public opinion or influencing the netizen’s perceptions about virtually anything – from politicking to introducing a new flavour of crisps.
The REAL power of Twitter lies in that it incorporates what Seth Godin calls “Permission Marketing”. Instead of the traditional “Interruption Marketing” where what you were doing gets interrupted by a marketing message (think of those television commercials during your favourite sitcom), Permission Marketing is marketing you CHOOSE to be exposed to. Because you choose to hear this marketing message (by, in the Twitter vocabulary, FOLLOWING someone or a brand on Twitter), you are already predisposed to listen to what the marketing message is, and far more likely to ACT on such marketing. Suddenly a marketer is no longer an interruption, he has become a friend that tells you about a product or service because you ASKED him to.
Understanding the power and basic principles of a Twitter campaign is one thing. Executing it effectively can be quite another. Remember the Fortune 500 Psych Grads? They were specifically employed because they understand the human psyche, how we react to external stimuli, especially in terms of how we perceive a brand or “value”, and can employ 140 characters to achieve a desired outcome, one tweet at a time. Great marketing if you can afford the price tag.
Most small and medium companies however, CAN’T afford the price tag, and have to opt for the “self-help” option. The “one man show” almost CERTAINLY will have to opt for the self-help option, and here we meet the first real barrier to making use of Twitter to generate sales. How do you get people to FOLLOW what you are saying tweet for tweet, so that you can build relationships with them to the point where they trust you enough to act on your recommendations? More importantly, how can you be interesting enough that those who stumble across you, will actually tell all THEIR friends about you – the RETWEET phenomenon? And how will you convince these new readers to become followers?
A great number of very informative articles and books have seen the light all about exactly these issues, and can go a long way in helping you create and manage an effective Twitter campaign. In the end an effective campaign boils down to relationships, and Twitter is all about building relationships based around common interests. In this respect human nature has not changed much since the dawn of time – we like those who like us (and think like us) and like the same things we do. The psychological term is “Set”, defined as “Readiness to think or respond in a predetermined way when confronted with a problem or stimulus situation”, and like our offline relationships, our Twitter relationships will be better when we are within our own “set”. The first step in using Twitter as a business tool then, is to carefully design your Biography on Twitter, as this is what other people will judge you (and your suitability to be followed) by. Further to this, choose the people YOU will follow carefully, as even in cyberspace, you will be judged by the company you keep. Keep within your “set”.
The question still remains though, how do you get people to follow you in the FIRST PLACE? Make use of all your other communications to alert people to the fact that you are on Twitter – as part of your email signature, on your business cards and letterheads, on every blog post and website you create content for; even word of mouth works very well to generate a following on Twitter.
Once you have a following, treat them like gold, especially if you hope to sell to them at some point in the future. Make sure that at LEAST 90% of your tweets are NOT sales orientated; there is no quicker way to lose followers than to bombard them with sales pitch upon product offering that has no quality content about your mutual interests, or at least is interesting in itself! Also, a little generosity goes a long way in social networking sites. If you read a Tweet that you found helpful, or interesting, RETWEET it to your followers, including the name of the originator. By using the concept of positive affirmation you not only create goodwill towards yourself from the persons you have retweeted, but you also build your own image as someone who is more interested in providing your followers with quality information, irrespective of the source, than just punting your own products and viewpoints. Retweeting also goes a long way in adding to your follower numbers, as someone you have retweeted will be far more inclined to retweet something interesting you have to say to their followers, broadening your potential follower base.
Wishing you the best with your Tweeting campaigns, and may you dominate your niche one tweet at a time!

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Personal Development – Listen Carefully!

Start to listen within.

You can get great knowledge by listening to what famous teachers have to tell. You can pay attention and listen to other people as much as you like but the learning will help you very little if you are not able to listen to yourself.

All the important messages to guide you through life will freely been given to you if you just listen.

Pay attention to simple things inside of you.

If you are feeling tired, stop and allow yourself to rest.

Feel when you are satisfied from food, don’t overeat or drink.

Be aware if you have a pain in your body, stop to listen to where it is. Physical pain is a warning signal that something is wrong.

Pay attention before your mind goes on overload and your thoughts turn into confusion, pushing yourself to the limits.

Be present in any emotional situation and pay attention to what feels right for you.

When you are in contact with your internal message, you can be your own first doctor, psychologist or personal trainer before any imbalance manifest outside.

Listen to your real needs and what to do about them. Most of the time the solution is inside of you and you already know how to take care of it, if you just listen.

Wise men always leave any problem or decision over night. By temporary letting it go, they have time to listen to their feelings.

When you listen to your internal knowledge and use it as your daily guide. You realize that you don’t need to be nervous about doing things right or wrong, as your feelings will guide you. There will also be no need to win or lose, trying to gain energy from power games.

You will be free from external distractions by listening within, receiving your internal answers and knowledge about your needs.

Use your vast inner information bank to stay in contact with yourself. It is all inside. You just need to learn to listen.

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Stock Trading Courses – How to Choose the Right One

In the last article, I have written about how important stock trading course is. Now, I will explain to you how to choose the right one in order to avoid spending your money from useless courses.
Good stock trading courses institutions have some characteristics; let’s study it one by one.
First, the instructors should be an expert in this investment. If not, don’t waste your time and money following this invalid institution. We have to be strict because it is about your understanding in order to learn about stock trading. If the instructors are not the expert, how will they teach you well? Knowledge only is not enough, they must have experienced in trading in the market. Then you are wondering how to know they are expert or not? Easy, ask them. But you must not have paid full them yet, so that when you decide to quit, you will not lose your money too much. Ask them and listen to their answer, if you are not satisfied, quit is a right decision!
Second, they must have valid and reachable address. It is also important, you should make sure their address and office so that you can check and recheck about their validity. Following the valid courses, you will feel safe and finally you can learn very well.
Third, look at the members. A good stock trading course institution should be followed by hundred members or even more. If yes they have many members, you may follow this course institution.
Fourth, be careful of online training. I do not mean to offend the online businesspersons. But, we cannot deny that there are many scam and spam online business in the internet now. Therefore, when you want to follow an online training, make sure that they have good credibility in this kind of course in order to guarantee your satisfaction.