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Adult Education – How is it Different?

Adult Education – How is it Different?

How is it different from K-12? Why is this important to us? Discuss andragogy and life-long learning.

Adult education, how is it different? Before we discuss the practical differences, let’s first address the two primary categories of education – pedagogy, and andragogy. Simply stated, in Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, pedagogy is the art science or profession of teaching. Within the profession, however, pedagogy, more often refers to the K through 12 type of approach; the Socratic approach, if you will, where teachers teach and learners listen. The information is passed from the instructor to student – more of a rote learning approach, where the learner is dependent upon the instructor for all learning. The teacher or instructor assumes full responsibility for what is taught.

Andragogy, however, assumes that the learner is self-directed. The learner is responsible for his or her own learning. Self-evaluation is characteristic of this approach. With Andragogy, the learner brings his own experience to the learning process. Each adult learner is a source of knowledge and contributes to the overall learning experience. With this approach is more of a built in readiness to learn than in the pedagogical model. This self-motivation comes from the need to know in order to perform more effectively or to accomplish one’s goals.

So, adult education is focus more on learning what we need to know to accomplish our different life goals. The other education approach is more of a required process to gain certain basic credentials. It is often much less student centered and focuses more on specific outcomes centered around a set curriculum. Adult education in comparison to K-12 is more learner centered in the expectation is more participation based on life experience.

The adult education approach becomes important to us since the goals are primarily different. The goals are centered on achieving a specific task outcome, or learning new behaviors. The adult becomes less motivated by grade point averages, and more motivated by achieving specific goals. Most often these goals are more pragmatic, and are centered around specific outcomes at the learner wants to achieve.

In this 21st century world of complexity, all of our senses are continually being assaulted with multiple types of information. To survive and possibly even to prosper, learning becomes a lifelong process. Most of us become lifelong learners, whether we recognize that specific term or not. In essence, adult education is different primarily from our K-12 experience, and possibly early college, by both our motivation and our need. Adult education becomes a choice, not a responsibility.

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Mental Fitness

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. That statement is true. I can give you a lot of reasons why we should stimulate our mind. One of those is, our mind has a limitless potential. Yes it includes imagination. Imagination is where it all begins. Then our mind crunches numbers and ideas to make that idea as solid as reality.
Our brain is where everything starts. This is where our memories from our childhood are stored; this is where we remember how it was like being a child. This is where we draw knowledge and information when we work. Without using our brain, we wouldn’t be using our full potential as a person.
If you’re a person that feels like you can’t think like the most intelligent guy in class, you’re wrong. You might be more intelligent than him. Why? Because you know your current limits. It’s up to you to decide to exceed that limit and exceed the most intelligent guy in class.
If you know Albert Einstein, You’d probably remember him giving a statement like we humans use only a small portion of our brain. There’s a whole untapped resource of knowledge waiting to be used. It’s how we reach into it and make something happen.
If you’re asking how to reach higher in thinking power, you need to start exercising your brain.
You can start with crossword puzzles so your brain can get shocked and think. Crossword puzzles not only makes you think logically, it makes you think creatively. If you can’t find the answer, you can cheat the answer to expand your knowledge. It’s not the cleanest thing to do, but it’s a way for you to learn.
If you know how to drive, you can expand your brain by creating a picture of every street in your city through your brain. You can use landmarks to help you out in doing so. Memorizing and creating a picture of every street in your mind helps you to recall knowledge and other things faster.
I found this useful because I love to drive. I know Global positioning systems are helpful, but nothing beats a challenge of the brain. As I learn new roads, I learn new shortcuts on how to get to other places. I create a mental Global positioning system when I need to go somewhere.
Challenging your mind can be one of the more stressful things to do in life. But it helps you be a more logical person and can help you get through in life because you have a lot of knowledge to share and use.

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Forex Courses – The Truth About Them

A “Forex Course” is a knowledge based course with the sole aim of educating and informing a would be Forex trader or newbie of how the Forex market works with a purpose to fully educate a new trader to become proficient in making good trading decisions. Thing is most of our Forex courses have fallen short of these expectations and continue to push new traders along the path of confusion in some cases.
Have you ever wondered how it is possible that even after you have spent your hard earned money on an expensive Forex course that is (pending on whether you even went to the right place for your course) you still end up being unable to make consistent profits from the market despite all of your “text book knowledge” of what the market is supposed to do. So you go on to search for courses that would lead or steer you in the right direction, hence you end up spending more money on courses after courses. Only to find that the previous place you got your first Forex course did not offer all that they know about the Forex market but the basics and that you were meant to pay extra for an additional course that is for an advance level course that would “probably” give you the edge or full inside knowledge you so require. Off course, only to find again that there is still yet a more advance level course that you still require to gain the knowledge you so desire.
Hence leading you on a barrage of Forex courses that only end up confusing you the more and leaving you at the mercy of the market.Truth is we have all been there, maybe not all of us but those who never had a friend, or an uncle, or a brother, or anyone for that matter who is close to him/her and already familiar with the Forex market to help shed more light into the mysterious patterns of the market. So you are left on your own to find the truth and maybe, who knows “The Holy Grail”! Which brings to mind another truth you must know, as much as this may disappoint you all (there is no “Holy Grail”) to cracking the Forex market. The sooner you accept this truth the better chance you have at succeeding in this game. As pathetic as this may seem, the instructors who offer these courses do not concern themselves with your pain but rather are more concerned about how much they will make when you pay for your course. Leaving the newbie trader(new trader) in the dark and alone so that they keep coming to the same instructor to learn a supposedly new and advanced system of trading. That would seem to be like the only way these instructors are assured of a consistent stream of income. They fail to learn that once you teach truthfully and honestly that there is a certain measure of good karma that comes with such noble acts. Without mentioning names so as not to discredit anyone,-as this is not meant to tarnish anyone’s name or business- many of our big names in the Forex industries are guilty of this act and they need to put the perspective of the would be trader into consideration to be able to really help all newbie traders.
In order not digress from our main discussion it would be clear that most of what we learn from these courses whether beginner stages or the complete guide would always remain what they are, “Text Book Versions”. Indeed they are the very guide for knowledge everyone needs to be able to get a grasp of what the market is all about and therefore serves as a pivotal necessity which every trader cannot do without; but left on its’ own it continues to remain what it is, a “Text Book Version”.
What every newbie trader needs is consistency and a strong will to applying all of the knowledge gained from all courses put together. This would enable a newbie or new trader have adequate experience with the market and become more familiar with the movements of the market. In a nut shell “EXPERIENCE” would become the best teacher a student would ever have as it would open ones’ eyes to the actual behaviour of every partaker of the market. That is why every newbie trader should never be in a hurry to throw in hard earned money into the market without effectively practicing and honing ones’ skills. You should be ready and willing to take your time to practice what you have learned and understand certain patterns to further develop your own strategy to succeed in this ever growing market. It would be a shame that after just a couple of weeks of taking a Forex course you find a student or newbie jumping into the market head first and eventually finding that the market was by far hotter than what was envisaged.
My advice would be for you to do your home work, before you take a Forex course. Do well to ask your instructor how much it would cost and how long it should take before you are certified as good enough to enter the market with real money. There are a good number of excellent instructors out there, you only need to do your home work properly. According to my knowledge and experience a good instructor would spend close to two or three months preparing a newbie for the market and even at that the student may not be fully ready until a large measure of practice and consistent results has been achieved. The provision of demo accounts by almost all Forex brokers in the market today is a big helping hand to all traders who intend to hone their skills before risking hard-earned money. So the next time you hear or see a jingle offering Forex courses, make sure to find out if the said organisation or company as the case may be is a credible one; in other words is fully registered and well known by Forex traders community. You may ask past students of such organisations or simply go online, insert the name or the company or organisation to find out if they are what they claim to be.
If they are not online, then knowing your instructor or instructors one on one would help tell you whether or not you are on the right track. With that said I sincerely hope that your eyes have been opened and I would also hope that you feel much better knowing that you are not alone. Wish you a successful trading experience.

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Reviving Your Career Through Continuing Education

Reviving Your Career Through Continuing Education

It is always hard to come to terms with the fact that your career has not turned out exactly as planned. As a child, you dreamed of becoming something grand. You promised yourself you would be at the top of the game and become the best there ever was.

Fast forward a few decades later and you see yourself as you are today: Generally happy and satisfied, but with a career that doesn’t exactly match up to what you initially dreamed you would be doing. Careers are a tricky subject to address. On the one hand, we all need to work, so there is a level of necessity in the equation. On the other hand, however, we all deserve to lead a good fulfilling life, and that includes a career that makes us glad to wake up in the morning, a career that really excites us.

The workplace is where most of us spend the majority of our day, so it is important that we’re engaged and challenged by our jobs. But what if we’re not? What are those who have dedicated ten or twenty years into a career have suddenly realized that their career isn’t enough for them, that they need something more? Do they quit and start over? Do they stay still in fear of taking a monetary risk?

There is no one clear solution to this dilemma, but a part of the action plan will likely include continuing education courses and programs. Continuing education can offer the possibility of a career change, and provide anyone with the necessary training for lucrative employment in the real world.

Today, there is a way to change the course of your career at your own pace. Continuing education or distance education programs are designed to allow people to enroll in courses at night or strictly online, thereby allowing them to fit school into their already packed schedules.

The wide variety of courses and programs available makes it so that there is something for almost everyone. From astronomy to criminology, all continuing education programs aim to give students an added edge in a given field. After that, a diligent level of studying can open the door to any number of rewarding and truly enjoyable careers.

Distance education options allow students to enroll in classes without ever stepping onto a college campus. Most distance education courses are taken online, allowing students the flexibility to complete courses from wherever they are, be it on their sofa at home or on an airplane that’s flying half way across the world. The only requirements for most distance education courses are access to a computer and a Wi-Fi connection.

If you feel your career has hit a low, or if you’re just ready for a change, then continuing education may be the path that you need to take. Do a little research to find a focus of study that appeals to you, and speak to an academic advisor to ensure that you are making the right decision. Your studies will open the gateway to your future career. All you have to do is enroll.