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23,500 GBP – A Guide to Today’s Degree Debt

23,500 GBP – A Guide to Today’s Degree Debt

August 2009 saw some of the best UK-wide A level results in history, with more than one in four students (26.7 percent) receiving A grades, and an impressive 97.5 percent passing, according to the BBC. However, as the continued increase in students receiving good grades pushes up the number of applicants for degree courses, they are also being faced by the prospect of building up the biggest debts of any generation before them, when it comes to graduation.

According to research published by (the self-proclaimed ‘ruthlessly independent guide to UK universities’), the average student who starts university in September/October should expect to owe a massive £23,500 – the biggest debt ever had by graduates. Such projections during the past year have caused the UK Government to set aside £5 billion for student support.

The comprehensive data analysed many of the UK’s major universities, and not only projected the amount of debt incurred year by year, but also highlighted the regions in which the biggest average debt were most likely to be. Perhaps predictably, students based in and around London are likely to experience the biggest regional average at £20,397 with those attending the University of London likely to pay £33,773 and Imperial graduates mounting up over £6,000 a year.

The research goes some way to highlighting the importance distance learning and online degrees may have to students over the next few years. Students now have more of an opportunity to enrol on courses in cheaper parts of the country – whilst living anywhere they wish to do so. And there is also the benefit of cheaper fees, as well as the flexibility of being able to continue a part-time job while they study.

With careful planning (of course, there is every possibility students can build up debt from expensive rental areas and indulgent lifestyles whether partaking in a distance degree or not) there is no reason that a student wishing to experience the London lifestyle, but to attend a university in neighbouring East Anglia without having to travel there. Alternatively, students may also wish to live in one of the cheaper areas of the country, such as Scotland (with a regional average of £9,844), but studying at a university in a higher-debt region.

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The ASVAB Test Scores Unearthed

Here are the 3 versions of the ASVAB assessment:
• The MET-site ASVAB assessment
• The Student ASVAB assessment
• The Cat-ASVAB test
Break down of scoring methods with the ASVAB exam:
• The MET-site ASVAB assessment – This version of the ASVAB exam is utilized expressly for enlistment purposes. The test sites differ but could be found in most major cities. This test requires a referral from your military recruiter in order to be allowed the lucky chance of taking the examination. The examination is composed of eight sub-tests which will test your abilities in General Science (25 questions), Word Knowledge (35 questions), Arithmetic Reasoning (30 questions), Paragraph and Reading Comprehension (15 questions), Mathematics (25 questions), Auto Shop (25 questions), Electronics (20 questions) and Mechanical Comprehension (25 questions).
• Student ASVAB – This version of ASVAB is implemented as a tool in guiding students when it comes to their chosen career paths. This test is also used to determine eligibility for military service. There are 8 sub-tests on this kind of ASVAB examination. The assessment comprises of 8 sub-tests that test your capability on General Science (25 questions), Arithmetic Reasoning (30 questions), Word Knowledge (35 questions), Paragraph and Reading Comprehension (15 questions), Mathematics (25 questions), Electronics (20 questions), Auto Shop (25 questions), Mechanical Comprehension (25 questions).
• CAT-ASVAB – The ASVAB scores from this test are computed utilizing formulas, which rate the difficulty level in which you answered questions correctly. The raw ASVAB scores do not equal the number of correct answers. The results of this test are good for two years. The test consists of 9 sub-tests that will test your abilities on General Science (16 questions), Arithmetic (16 questions), Word Knowledge (16 questions), Paragraph and Reading Comprehension (11 questions), Mathematics (16 questions), Electronics (16 questions), Auto Information (11 questions), Auto Shop Information (11 questions), Mechanical Comprehension (16 questions).
Here are the allotted time frame and material you would be tested on:
General Science – This section of the test will check your skill for life, space, earth and physical sciences. The period allotted for this category is eleven minutes.
Word Knowledge – This assesses your capability to understand meanings of words. The assigned time for this category is eleven minutes.
Arithmetic Reasoning – Measures aptitude to resolve primary mathematical puzzles. Time frame appropriated for this category is 36 minutes.
Paragraph and Reading Comprehension – Appraises your ability of gathering information. Period given is thirteen minutes.
Mathematics – Checks your knowledge of mathematical applications & concepts. Time appropriatedis 24 minutes.
Auto Shop – Evaluates your know-how on auto maintenance methods, repair and metal and wood shop techniques. Time given is eleven minutes.
Electronics – Checks your aptitude for electrical circuits, devices, systems and currents. Time period given is 9 minutes.
Mechanical Comprehension – Calculates your skill to distinguish properties, structures and devices of mechanical equipment. Time allotted is nineteen minutes.

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Pub Quizzes – Writing Your General Knowledge Questions

Many pub quizzes fails because of the way in which the questions are written and the topics that are chosen. Some quizzes fail because they focus far too much on one particular topic, others because the questions are not challenging enough. Of course you don’t want to have to have a PhD in the topics to even be close to being able to answer the questions so get a good balance.

Below is a quick guide on what the quiz master should be looking for on quality questions and answers.

Most pub quizzes have a spread out age groups from different walks of life so be sure to accommodate the majority when setting your questions and answers.

Topics and Subjects. Most quizzes have general knowledge, handout and specialist topics rounds in them. General knowledge should be a wide variety of topics that covers general every day things and events. Picking the questions from different eras and topics in an even split is the best way. Look for History, Geography, Music, TV and Films and Science as a good grounding but also try to get some local themed questions as well. Questions of a particular subject should be kept set similar always taking into account where possible a difference of age group and interests. You should try and avoid the same people answering and enable the rest of team member to answer questions.

Difficulty of Questions. This is very important but generally the easiest way is make several questions that are easy, quite difficult and more tasking questions that way you get a nice selections within the quiz. When compiling the actual pub quiz split these up evenly in to general knowledge rounds. If doing a specialist topic then split the mix of question difficulty levels within the round.

Quality question and answers – Making questions enjoyable isn’t that difficult but you need to follow some simple rules.

Pub quiz teams should be able to discuss, argue and throw answers out to each other, they can be challenging but not impossible to guess. Make sure that when compiling questions you look at ways to make them chance of guessing when possible.

The question has to hold their interest if it doesn’t then the team members will more than likely not have a clue about the answer. If the team gets the answer wrong they will want to be able to go away with something new. Something they can quiz their friends with the next day or so.

Keep the questions in the public domain with seldom going into the realms of obscure. The more bizarre the questions the more likely you are to put quiz goers off coming again. Not to say you can’t have a couple spread about the quiz.

Hopefully this quick guide will help you compiling questions and answers for your pub quiz.

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Picking the Right Certificate Program Among Many Options Involves Several Steps

Picking the Right Certificate Program Among Many Options Involves Several Steps

There are many Certificate programs available for students to enroll in and choosing the best one for you can be a challenge. By taking a look at what you want to accomplish within a certain timeframe will allow you the ability to find the best option for you.

The first thing you want to take into consideration is why you want to enroll into a Certificate program. There are programs that offer you the ability to learn a certain skill, to enter into a new field, or to enhance what you currently do. By identifying what it is you want to ultimately accomplish from your Certificate program you will be able to find a pool of programs that will best fit your needs.

Another choice that you will want to make is whether you want to complete your program online or in person. There are pros and cons to both choices. Determining what your current schedule and responsibilities are will help you decide whether attending physical classes is a possibility. If not then you will most likely benefit from finding an online program that allows you to complete your work on your own schedule.

When choosing a program it is also a good idea to take into account if you plan on taking further education after your certification course. Some individuals want to take multiple programs in order to fulfill their goals. This will help you make the best decision in picking your first Certificate program.

Programs at the Certificate level come in varied lengths. Some programs last only a few weeks, while others take a year or two to complete. This is also important to keep in mind. If you are not looking to be in a program for more than a year you will want to make sure that what you are looking for is offered in shorter length increments.

Once you have narrowed your program search to a few viable options you will want to really do your research. You can do this by speaking with appropriate personnel who work in the school or with the program as well as past students of the program. Be sure to look into the credentials of the program and make sure enrolling into it will give you your desired results.

How much you will have to pay in order to complete your program is also significant in finding the right program for you. Some may cost a couple thousand dollars while others may only cost a few hundred. Make sure to look into any financial aid options or scholarships that may be associated with your program. The company you currently work for may even be willing to help you pay for your education if it will aid in your current position.

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The Academic Aspects of Martial Arts

Most martial arts organisations will have theoretical components to their syllabus. Usually, this is to provide an insight into the language and culture of the country from which the art originates. I find the academic side very easy to cope with, as somebody who naturally learns in the academic style. Many artists though, find the academic aspects tedious and difficult, and so tend to reject their usefulness.
This begs the question: is the theoretical side to martial arts necessary? I would argue yes.
Firstly, martial arts contain dangerous knowledge. You don’t want to wrong sort of person to be taught martial arts, and by the wrong sort of person, I mean of course somebody who would use that knowledge in an offensive manner. And there are plenty of these people who train already, I see them often. A strong academic presence makes it harder for these people to progress, and hence acts as a barrier for them to learn the more dangerous techniques. Aggressive people would find it hard to maintain the patience required for academic learning.
Secondly, one could argue that it is disrespectful to train in the martial art of another culture, but reject all other elements of that culture. It seems almost greedy to take only certain bits of that culture. The academia commands a certain respect towards the culture. As is well known in martial arts, respect is always an important virtue.
Thirdly, it adds another layer to any examination procedure. For example, there may be two students, both equally keen on the martial art they are studying, but one may naturally be better at the movements, as some people are. In a grading this looks as though one is more enthusiastic than the other. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses in different fields, so those who struggle with the physical tasks may excel in other areas, such as language or history. Studying academic aspects provides an opportunity for some to demonstrate their interest despite a drawback.
Fourthly, it is a way of standardising education. Some organisations become very heavily fractured, giving rise to a multitude of descriptions of the practical elements (which is particularly bad in English, which has so many words). Using another language, one that is unfamiliar to many, makes it harder for such uncertainties to come about when there is communication between these different groups.
The most common point made against academic studies is that they waste time that could otherwise be used to improve your technique. This is definitely true if one is intending to enter a competition, but as for a general progression through martial arts, a grandmaster would need a very broad knowledge of his or her art. That knowledge is easiest learnt along the way.

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Business Tip – Execute Your Plan With Confidence

You have heard the principle, “give a person a fish, they will eat for a day… teach a person to fish, they will eat for a lifetime”. Do you believe in it?
There are plenty of tools, resources, products, and services available all over the internet and in your own backyard to help you be successful. Are you taking advantage of them to implement the proven strategies into your own business? Or, are you still “winging it” like most business owners?
You can only build your business to your own level of competency. In order to grow further, you have to increase your knowledge and therefore your competency.
What is your plan? Do you have a plan for your business? In addition, do you have a plan for yourself? You need a plan to increase your knowledge and raise your business competency level. This needs to be in writing and thoroughly thought out.
Your knowledge is a direct reflection to how may books you read. What does your written plan say about how many books you read per month? If you are not a reader… then get the audiobook version. There… I just solved your objection.
The more knowledge you have, the more confidence you will gain. The more confidence you have, the greater chance that you will take action and execute your plans.
Execute your plan with confidence! Take action today to achieve your goals. If you find yourself in a comfort zone, then do something to stretch yourself. If you are uncomfortable with where you are today, then that is good. Now, go do something about it.
Profitable results in your business is a reflection of the action that you take. The action you take is a reflection of the confidence that you have obtained. The confidence that you have is a reflection of the knowledge that you have gained.
Gain more knowledge today!
To Your Success!