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The Power Derivatives

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely- But how? It all depends who is in power and how the power is being used and for what purpose it is being used. It is good to have a giant’s power but it is tyrannical to use it like a giant. Power in itself is neither good nor bad, but how it is being put into use, can only justify its nature and behavior.
The meaning of “Power” varies with respect to its types, uses, and users. There are three major types of Powers which affect our soul, mind and body rest are its ramifications. These are;
1. The Ultimate Power. (Divine Power)
2. The Super Natural Power. (Giants, Ghosts)
3. The Mundane Power. (Power used by Humans)
The Ultimate Power (Divine Power)
The concept of Ultimate Power is more sublime and a bit difficult to conceive but it has a permanent everlasting nature. It does exist and no one can deny its existence and the role it plays in our lives. It is the only Unique Power having no parallel in this entire universe because he is one in nature, unmatched, and we call him God, Allah and Eeshwar in various language or dialects. He controls rest of the power exists in this universe, he is unbeatable and nobody can destroy him. He holds absolute controls over all powers of the universe, not a single movement of micro seconds can be done against his will and wish. He holds absolute control and command of all powers at work in this universe.
He is the creator of everything in this universe, stars, moons, planets, earth, galaxies, suns, solar systems, atoms, humans, animals, matter and elements, space, dark matter, black holes, nova, super nova, galaxies, galactic clusters, cluster groups, space, air, insects, reptiles, micro orgasm, brain, soul no matter you name anything you will find this power at work. His every creation is unique and different in nature even under the same class and category. Let us take humans first; all humans are genetically different all over the world and not a single human match with other in habits, in behavior, in appearance, in color and complexion, and all are having brains but everybody thinks differently. Similarly you consider any class, group or category you will observe similar varying properties in each class or category.
He has his own hierarchy and a unique system of reporting with all its checks and balances which is necessary to run a mega organizational structure. He is all knowing and nothing is hidden from him. He has a team of workers, deputed to perform various activities, known as Angles. The chain of commands begins from the top which is being executed by the deputed workers accordingly and there is no concept of disobeying the orders. It is always a “YES” and there is no concept of “NO” there, because it is an absolute “Chain of Command” of an Ultimate Divine Power ruling the UNIVERSE.
The Super Natural Power (Giants, Ghosts, Spirits)
Just like humans this class or category is also submissive to Ultimate Power (Divine Power). It has its own working domains, colonies, ways of life and working methodology not visible to every human eye. Although they are living among the humans but due to their special appearance with different body chemistry and formation, our mind is unable to conceive them. They are more powerful than humans and can maneuver their power skills, tactics and commands in a more versatile manner in order to capture their enemies or opponents. They excel in numbers than humans and residing not only on the earth but also occupying air and space, which a human brain cannot even imagine.
They do have positive and negative interaction with humans and the later uses specialized means and sources to control and harness this Super Natural Power which can be utilized in both ways to benefit and to destroy any thing existing on this planet. This domain of power usually remains defensive and repulsive unless an act of aggression is being committed against them or any act interfering and violating their jurisdiction or space, usually by humans not knowing their location or populating area. Some of us do not believe in their existence but our holy books like Quran and Bible do mention of this class and the practice of exorcism has further substantiated their deniable presence in this universe.
The Mundane Power (Power used by Humans)
This is the third tier of Power troika where power gets derived by the humans in most practical and applied manner. The concepts like “Power Corruption” and “Absolute Power Corruption” can be best observed and tested within this class where absolute power corrupts absolutely and giant’s power is used like a giant, these concepts are almost non-available in the first two tiers of Power Derivatives. The reason is, perhaps the concept of “Choice” among the humans and the “Brain” they possess, which can work in both way, the positive and the negative with all its complexities and thinking ability. The brain does play a role in the second tier but it is found more refined and tilted towards positive nature which works in a less destructive manner as compared with human brain. With choices and options the human brain has become more flexible in opting out for the right and wrong methods to succeed in life and its hunger for Power has reshaped it to adopt aggressive attitude to get Absolute Control of the things on this planet earth.
The rapidly changing power structure under this domain is reshaping itself in a more progressive manner and the various concepts of power management have transformed into a new version, giving Power a new meaning in the 21st Century. The renowned Chinese revolutionary leader Mao Tse-tung once said “Power grows out of the barrel of the gun” and with the Industrial Revolution the concepts like “Money” and “Wealth” became the base line for every existing power structure and now “Knowledge itself is a power”. The power vortex seems to be shifting over a period of time and a new system of creating wealth based no longer on muscles but on mind is taking place.
Sir Winston Churchill once said that “Empires of the future are empires of the mind” and today that observation has come true. The Power of Knowledge has superseded all other powers disintegrating their old structure which previously held the world together. This disintegration process is taking place at every level of our human society and one can observe it happening in the markets, shopping ares in schools, in banks, in offices, hospitals, corporate sectors, labor unions, and homes. The office managers and supervisors have observed that the workers no longer take orders blindly; they ask questions and demand answers. Military officers are learning the same thing about their troops. Police chiefs are having similar vibes from cops, and the teachers facing the same issues from their students.
Knowledge, violence (muscles power) and wealth are the major sources of power in human society and relationship among them or various combinations of these, define the role of power in our society. The manner these sources are put into use to achieve the desired goals weather negative or positive, decide the nature and behavior of power at work. Not a single micro unit or mega unit is protected from power play including every individual, companies, corporation and governments where power is used ruthlessly like a giant to achieve the absolute control and management of the afore mentioned respective power structures and concerns.
The use of knowledge, violence and wealth to make people perform in a given way and its application to control behavior will be a never ending activity from cradle to cremation and none of the human society is escaped from it.
All powers will be destroyed at the end, in the similar manner it began with a Big Bang.

Education Learning

Become Massively Competent

Any feeling of incompetence we have, may be an alarm of realization that change is needed. We may not believe it’s required but it should still be considered. Competency can be improved many ways and will always benefit us.
Many people are considered competent in various areas of their lives. This is not a problem in most cases and in many situations it is acceptable. The skill needed to perform certain tasks may only require a “sufficient” amount of knowledge and ability, yet in other undertakings that can be a hindrance. The need to be “more” may be desirable or even a requirement to advance in certain realms we encounter. These are the places we must concentrate additional energy on in order to achieve those results.
Is being competent a good enough qualification for you in your position? Depending on what your “position” is will decide your answer to that question. Most people feel comfortable with where they are and are satisfied to remain there. That is a great place to be but others have a deeper yearning for more. They constantly wish and dream of bigger and better things but aren’t usually willing to take the required actions to change. This is a miserable place to be and dissatisfaction is always present. When these feelings become strong enough the only alternative is to do what must be done. They must become massively competent, increasing the levels of their proficiency.
What does the statement becoming massively competent mean? It is the increasing of our knowledge, abilities and determinations to achieve a greater spectrum to draw conclusions from. This expansion should be a goal in every possible area of our lives. The broader the basis our experience has, the more effective we will be in solving objectives. It is always easier to make a decision founded on a larger fact base. This will provide us the best opportunity to accomplish the newest complication.
No matter which part of your life needs improvement, the most efficient means of doing so is through your competency. The increase in your knowledge and wisdom will create a desire for more and continually cause you to grow. This growth gives added confidence and a loss of fear, giving us a new sense of accomplishment.

Education Learning

Relevant Communication Replaces Static Rituals

Religions may regard themselves as forward thinking, with thought focused on an imminent immortality or a secure afterworld, however, this thinking is locked into time. By-standers notice that religions looking so far forward have a tendency to live in the past. Those religions are paid attention to about as well as flight attendants going through safety features on an airplane. But religion still has a job to do and it can be a practical guide to society when grounded on honest education and information.
One definition of religion from the New Webster’s Expanded Dictionary is; an acknowledgement of our obligation to God. In other words, it isn’t an acknowledgment of an obligation to static rituals and codes and creeds already outgrown by humanity.
Religion will continue to play an important role in life as it triggers advanced concepts of God and creation. But, communication of an advanced concept of God must be pertinent. Physical and psychological barriers are then broken through the proper use of applied knowledge, improving the very way human consciousness filters the world. It is important that religions recognize and participate in the now, today, otherwise the religion will no longer be recognized.
Although there is no one religion perfect and complete, it doesn’t mean religion is irrelevant. Religionists who staunchly battle the imaginary dilemma of a dying religion, by acknowledging an obligation to person, place, or thing, actually contribute to its death. However, to the contemporary thinker, religion is not going to die. Even in this new era of globalization there is evidence of religions acknowledging God, recognizing one another, and accommodating the interests of others.
Religion is relevant as discovery and understanding are given relevant manifestation. As our obligation to Truth, Life, and Love is honored, human consciousness transforms and accepts a practical forward mindedness living in the now.

Education Learning

Master Your Craft – Be The Best At What You Do

It does not matter whether someone else is in the same industry as you, your unique gifts and skill sets is different. The fact of the matter is, no one can do things quite like you can because we all have different levels of creativity and our individuality is completely different.
For example, I am a professional speaker, a leadership development and workplace diversity trainer. It does not matter if someone else have the same areas of speaking focus because we will always deliver our programs differently.
What is the difference between you and others in your field? Likelihood is the level and degree of personal development you have in your background. Enhance ones knowledge based is crucial for long-term success, in other words the day you stop learning translates to the day you stop living.
How can you perfect your craft? Enroll in a live workshop centered on your field of endeavour, register for a tele-seminar, enroll in an online course and or hire a coach. That is not all, purchase information products from renowned experts in your field.
Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, schedule yourself for current and innovative programs that yield the best return on your personal development investment. Begin with the end in mind when it comes to mastering your craft.
What do I mean by the preceding question? From an internal perspective establish yourself as the kind of person who wants the best out of yourself. In other words, to be the best you must invest in yourself. After completing a course and or successfully participate in a knowledge oriented program, ensure that you apply what you learned immediately.
There is nothing better than acquiring knowledge and putting it into use. A determined mind is an unstoppable mind. In order to take your skills to the next level and become the best in your industry you need to become a lifelong learner.
The best way to showcase your skills sets is to share your knowledge with others, your colleagues, people in your industry, your community and of course with your competitors. Perhaps you can write articles, write a book, and or special reports on the newly acquired knowledge.
In the end you will be noted for having move the bar of your insight and let it be the beginning of a long-term process. We were all born for greatness, so be great.

Education Learning

True Education

In the language of the moderns, ‘higher education’ means securing university degrees, and institutions where students are prepared for these degrees are known as institutes for higher studies or colleges. A body which control several such colleges called a university. ‘Higher education’ in the true sense of the term should, however be taken to mean that education which elevates the heart of man, which acquaints him with the higher truths of life – in fact, which enables him to know and realize the ultimate truth. An education which develops only the reason or intellect of man, and keeps him away from truth, is anything but ‘higher education’
If there is need for this latter type of education, we may go in for it and impart it; but designate it as ‘language study’. ‘Science study’, ‘Agriculture study’ or ‘Mathematical study’. Even if w e do not adopt this terminology, at least know that what you term ‘higher education is nothing more than that. At the same time do not ignore ‘higher education in the true sense of the term. That education is knowledge of the soul or spiritual knowledge (adhyatamvidya). Remember the words of the lord uttered in the Gita “adhyatamvidya vidyanam- “(of all knowledge, the knowledge of soul is the highest; it is divine in essence).
The initial advantage derived from this knowledge is that life becomes disciplined. He whose life is not disciplined, who has no control over his body, senses and mind, who is infact a slave to his senses, cannot be called a true man of learning. The man of discipline alone is free, even though he may be physical bondage. Contrary to, this he who obeys no law, who is unrestrained and licentious, is wholly under subjection. The knowledge which has its first fruit removes the fetter of this subjection is true spiritual knowledge. In the seminaries of the ancient Hindus, boys were given practical training in this discipline at the very start of their career as student.
Another advantage of that we derive from this knowledge is the acquirement of noble sentiments and divine virtues. The knowledge which fills our mind with vicious ideas and evil propensities and corrupts our action is only a euphemism for ignorance. Spiritual knowledge fills the heart with noble sentiments and adorns our conduct with the best of virtues.
The goal of human life is to realize this supreme truth; keeping your eyes fixed exclusively on this goal, advance steadily towards it with a determined will. Spiritual knowledge is that which aims at the realization of this goal; that alone is ‘higher education in the true sense of the term; nay that is real and true education.
This is however no substitute for secular education, whose utility cannot be denied in the practical field of life. Do not neglect the world. Attend your worldly duties properly, but keep your eye fixed on the goal. If you always keep the goal before your eyes, your worldly duties will prove helpful to you rather than a hindrance.
But a preliminary training is required even for determining one’s goal and holding fast to it. The training is called religious education. Therefore try to make this education available to every child at home as well as in the schools and colleges, so that the boy or girl may be able to determine his or her goal and keep his or her gaze fixed on it even while receiving training for practical life.

Education Learning

How Specialized Knowledge Can Help You Make Money on the Internet

Why so many people fail to make money on the internet..

95% of online marketers fail to make money on the internet. This staggering statistic will prevent many from even starting. You do not have to be part of this group. Many thousands of people make money online.

The difference between success and failure…

Working with business owners every day, we see first hand the difference between success and failure. One of the principal reason why so many people fail both online and offline is that people to not develop any specialist skills and as a result they have very little control over their actions and very little power to impact change as they need it

If you are about to start your online entrepreneurial journey, do you have any specialist skills in the following areas:

Sourcing products to sell online

Designing Sales Pages to help you to sell

Setting up the systems to ensure payment

Website Hosting and Web Design

Promoting your product using traditional online methods and paid advertising

Or is your specialism in outsourcing all the above but being able to manage it?

It is widely agreed that you do need to develop some specialist skills to become proficient online. For too many people, they see this as too much work and they are not prepared to invest the time in themselves because they want instant success now.

We advise the following when considering starting a business online:

1. Start Learning and have a programme for learning about online marketing. Be clear that the online space changes daily so you must learn fairly new material. Combine this with some mindset books and these can be as old as you wish – the message has remained consistent – Think and Grow rich is an example.

2. Understand that you are the brand and you have to start work on this each and every day.

3. Register your own name as a domain name and some variants of it.

4. Understand the WEB 2.0 interfaces and get set up

i. Make a note of all your login information and passwords.

1. Use what you have learnt in the past to establish your niche – where can you add value online.

2. People want value and they will pay for it if it solves a problem for them.

3. Create and publish useful information every day

4. Build up a following or a list using tried and tested techniques –

5. understand that if you want to make money working on the internet, you must have a list.

6. Market a product or service that you believe in and actually use – it helps on credibility.

Whatever route you take, you must begin to specialise online and play to your strengths.