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Earning Money With Adult Education

Earning Money With Adult Education

Have thought of teaching as an option to make money? Teaching provides a wonderful means to make money online. When you ask how to make money, very rarely you will get teaching as an answer. However, teaching is a sure way to make money in the online world. The biggest advantage Internet offers is that there are no geographical barriers. You can reach out to an international audience and thereby find more takers than in your home territory.

There are many options within teaching itself when you take it up to earn a living. There are many websites already operational, which provide teaching solutions. You can apply to one of them and become part of them. The teaching hours and discipline will be decided by these websites and they will pay you on an hourly basis. If you are not keen on joining any of the existing ones, you can start one of your own.

Adult education is an emerging line in teaching. People who had to give up education to take up work are returning to spruce up their educational qualifications. Adult education can be your target market and you can even think of starting an online university. Alternatively, you can start a business that will help many in their continuing education by providing academic help and advice.

There are many students in different part of the world to whom classroom teaching does not suffice. These students look out for tuition and this is again an emerging market. If you can tap this segment, then you can make money by providing private or group tuition online.

You can also start out as a freelance teacher. If you are good at some discipline, you can advertise or become a member of sites, which offer freelance work. There will be many takers since most of them are looking for tutors who can help them with their academics. They also get the advantage of getting a private tutor at home without actually having to pay for one!

An offshoot of teaching is to help in setting examination question papers for universities and other such institutes. Many institutes hire freelancers to help them with setting question papers and pay them well. Like teaching, even this can happen through the Internet and on a global platform. Though it is not directly teaching, it will help you put your knowledge to use in a constructive way and still make money!

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Independent Contractors Greatly Need Your Skills From Enrolled Agent CPE

Independent Contractors Greatly Need Your Skills From Enrolled Agent CPE

Preparation of tax forms for businesses usually require some special knowledge, such as the details covered in an enrolled agent course. Individuals who unexpectedly find themselves earning income as independent contractors are often unprepared for the income tax calculations of their business activities.

By having maintained sloppy record keeping, independent contractors face a variety of adverse tax consequences. They need help from enrolled agents like you in order to prevent their tax situations from worsening.

The primary problem for inexperienced independent contractors is avoiding inaccuracies on their tax returns. Because of the potential for costly penalties, these taxpayers should know about the importance of professional tax return preparation. Your ongoing tax training from completing annual enrolled agent CPE allows you to help independent contractors avoid accuracy related penalties.

Taxpayers who convert haphazard business figures onto tax returns can incur a 20 percent IRS penalty for negligent reporting of income or substantial understatement of taxes owed. In addition, the IRS imposes a 75 percent penalty on taxpayers who are believed to have fraudulently intended to understate income.

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of self-employed independent contractors. They tend to take extra time to determine their correct amount of income and deductible expenses as well as how to report them. You eliminate delay in preparation of accurate tax forms by deploying knowledge from your EA continuing education.

Taxpayers will find the value in this when they discover that the IRS penalty for late payment of tax is 0.5 percent to 1.0 percent per month. This is automatically assessed when tax is paid after the due date – even if the date for filing the tax return is extended. Tax returns that are filed late without first obtaining an extension can incur extra penalties of up to 25 percent of any tax due.

Another important component of your tax CPE to use for enlightening new independent contractors concerns estimated tax payments. The IRS hits the self-employed with a separate penalty for underpayment of estimated taxes.

But independent contractors who establish contact with enrolled agents obtain professional advice about paying safe harbor amounts of estimated taxes. This involves paying at least 90 percent of the current year tax or 100 percent of last year’s tax. If you’re dealing with a taxpayer whose income exceeds $150,000 then the payment using the previous year tax is 110 percent.

The IRS imposes many types of penalties and independent contractors are vulnerable to all of them. Consequently, these self-employed individuals gain considerably from discovering the tax services of enrolled agents.

IRS Circular 230 Disclosure

Pursuant to the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service Circular 230, we inform you that, to the extent any advice relating to a Federal tax issue is contained in this communication, including in any attachments, it was not written or intended to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (a) avoiding any tax related penalties that may be imposed on you or any other person under the Internal Revenue Code, or (b) promoting, marketing or recommending to another person any transaction or matter addressed in this communication.

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Men, Emotions and Relationships

Historically, the consensus was that women are more emotional than men. Indeed, today many women still define themselves as more emotional than men. Over the past few decades many male clinicians, who have much experience working with men, have been disproving this idea. They have concluded that the majority of men have been socialized in a manner they refer to as, “brutal,” which teaches boys to repress and deny their emotions. In 1995 the American Psychological Association formed a new division called the, “Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity,” to gain more insight into the psychological effects of this socialization process.
This process has created many problems. To relate well to others, we need to know what we are feeling. Emotions give us valuable information. If a child is taught, during his formative years, that men do not, or should not have feelings, he will learn to ignore and repress the information he receives from his feelings and become overly reliant on his intellect. And while our intellect is a wonderful part of our brain and does great things for mankind, emotions also do great things for mankind. Several theorists believe that awareness of our own feelings may result in our treating other’s, and the earth, in a more pro-survival manner. Ideally, thoughts and emotions work in synchronization.
Daniel Goldman’s book “Emotional Intelligence” (1996) introduced the concept of emotional intelligence into popular culture. Efforts to understand and explain emotional intelligence began with Charles Darwin’s work concerning the importance of emotional expression for survival and adaptation. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, assess and manage one’s own emotions as well as the recognition of emotions of others. When we shame a child for having feelings, we separate him from an important source of information.
Aelexithymia is a condition in which an individual cannot know, label and think about what he is feeling. Dr. Ron Levant, a psychologist and professor, who is a pioneer in the study of the psychology of men coined the term “normative male aelexithymia.” According to David P. Wexler in his book “Men in Therapy; New Approaches for Effective Treatment,” (2009) this term refers to, “the emotional patterns of boys who grow up to become men who are unaware of their emotions and even of their own bodily sensations. They rely only on their cognitive descriptions, analyses, and opinions. Because of this gap in self-awareness, many men are limited in utilizing the simplest and most effective method for dealing with complex feelings and difficult moods; that is, identifying, thinking about, and expressing feelings.” The term does not mean that this condition is normal or healthy; it indicates that the condition is so widespread that it can be considered statistically, “normal.”
To develop a healthy relationship with anybody, we must know what we are feeling. It is through awareness of our own feelings that we can empathize with others. When we know how we are feeling, internally, about something another person has done or said, that emotional knowledge combined with intellectual understanding helps us make reasonable, well rounded, choices concerning how to respond, externally. This is a valuable skill to use in our relationships with our intimate partner, our children, and others. Indeed, at this time, business schools are teaching managers the importance of empathy. Awareness of feelings is the first step toward being empathetic. Teaching our sons that men are not, or should not be emotional deprives them of this valuable skill and sets them up to fail in many areas of their lives. Even if a man is financially successful, he may still not be able to succeed at creating healthy relationships. A life filled with financial success, and everything money can buy, can be sad and hollow if it has no viable, loving relationships.
Men need to be as aware of their emotions as women are. The best time for these skills to be taught is during early childhood. At this point in our history, men are much more active as fathers. It is incumbent on them to read about and use healthy, positive parenting skills. An ideal parenting approach is for both mother and father to work together to raise emotionally intelligent children. Doing that involves a relationship between parents based in self-awareness and empathy. When a boy experiences his father as emotionally available and empathetic, he will naturally follow his father’s example. To do this, fathers need to become aware of their own feelings. They need to be able to identify and accept their feelings. Then they will be able to empathize with their spouse and children, while helping their children be aware of their feelings.
Men who have not been raised to be aware of their emotions can learn how to do so anytime they decide to learn. David Wexler, PhD, has several excellent books listed on his website. Steve Stosny, PhD, also has a website with articles and books that are valuable. Most good therapists can coach men as they learn how to become more aware of their feelings and how to cope with them. Individual coaching sessions are the most effective approach to change.

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Why Is Continuing Education Important For Teachers?

Why Is Continuing Education Important For Teachers?

While education certainly may not be a field where you would consider a great number of advancements, however, that is certainly not true. Therefore, continuing education is crucial for teachers.

Since technology is advancing so quickly these days, it has opened up a whole new world of ways for teachers and instructors to educate their students. This requires a little bit of extra instruction and learning on the teacher’s part. These advancements in education technology need to be understood by the teachers in order for them to use it successfully with their students.

Continuing education, however, doesn’t just need to be required for technological advancements. There are new ways of teaching students fundamental math, science, and reading skills, as well as updates to lesson planning. Teachers who have been in the education profession for a long time may also need refresher courses on dealing with parent complaints or even basic computer skills, since so many parents take to their e-mail to communicate any questions or concerns they may have with a teacher.

As an education administrator, being up-do-date on the latest educational trends can also help you lead successfully and create a better school for your staff and your students.

Continuing education serves as a helpful tool in refreshing teacher’s skills as well as informing them of new changes within the educational field. It also helps them network with other teachers and creates a nice forum for discussion of trends and techniques they may not have known about before. It creates stronger and more well-informed teachers which can only benefit their students in the end.

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Becoming Your Best Self – Self Knowledge is Key!

I truly enjoy the process of becoming my best self! While I’m pretty darn good just the way I am, there is an excitement that comes with always seeking the next level of being. Each small step along the way is a victory, one to be acknowledged and celebrated.
Getting to know myself, as part of this process, has become very important to me, as it is impossible to move forward if we have no idea where we are. The following is a list of personal knowledge that I believe is essential to becoming my best self.
1. Values What qualities do we hold most dear? There are so many possible qualities that are deserving of being a core value, however, our particular combination of values helps define who we are. In addition, no matter how many values we actually hold dear and have an emotional investment in, there is a definite priority to those values. It is not enough to figure out what values we ‘value’; we need to understand which ones are most important to us. This will allow us to make our stress-free choices.
2. Beliefs A belief is a mental acceptance of and conviction in the truth, actuality, or validity of something or some thought. Our lives are shaped by these beliefs. Even though we accept them as truth or actuality, there is nothing that demands they be real. Unfortunately, mistaken beliefs prevent us from moving forward in different areas of our life. While it may be a challenge, it is absolutely possible to get clear about what beliefs we hold, and to decide whether those beliefs bolster us or not. Again, it’s not enough to know what we believe, we need to understand the impact of that particular belief on our life and to acknowledge that we can indeed change that belief.
3. Standards Standards are the behaviors we hold ourselves to. They denote a point of reference against which we individually compare and evaluate ourselves. They are closely related to our core values. It is quite an enlightening experience to identify exactly what behaviors make you feel good about yourself and allow you to consider yourself “in” integrity.
4. Boundaries Boundaries are the behaviors we hold others to. They represent what we allow others to do in our presence and almost always have a parallel standard. This is because they are related to our deepest values, so it makes sense that we would develop both standards and boundaries for those critical issues in our lives.
5. Role Model QualitiesFor me, a role model quality is an behavior which we hope that others will want to emulate because it represents the quintessence of that quality. I usually ask people what 3 qualities would they like to role model for others, to be an outstanding example of that attribute in action. For me, the top 3 are respect, compassion and wholeness (the quality of being one’s best self). Ordinarily, these 3 qualities could also be described as your top 3 values, the ones that we must live up to in order to feel “in” integrity.

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3 Top Reasons Why You Need to Work With a Wholesale Investor

Most Real Estate Investors are looking to make a huge profit by flipping houses. I mean honestly who passes huge profits up? Even in times like this when people are struggling and they need to sell their house it can get hard to find a motivated seller with out a wholesaler. What if I told you that there were ways to get houses emailed straight to you every single day for pennies on the dollar?

Here’s what you need a wholesale investor that assigns contracts on Deeply Discounted properties at a fraction of the properties actual value. A wholesale investor will get a house under contract for literally 10-50 cents on the dollar, and will sell you the property for an unbelievable outrageously cheap price. The make money and you make a ton of MONEY. Yes I love win/win situations… and so should you.

The 3 TOP Reasons you need to do business with a wholesaler

They’ll Handle The Hard Stuff: Being a wholesaler takes a lot of knowledge and ability. They will hunt and track these deals down for you by using a variety of different strategies. They’re your HUNTERS! You can actually have these properties emailed to you as soon as they’re under contract. Heck you can be sitting on a beach somewhere with a drink in your hand and receive properties on your blackberry or iPhone… how easy is that? TOO EASY!

No More Stress: Honestly I truly hate working with realtors. I don’t really have anything against them but they use these long ridiculous contracts and they make you do unnecessary stuff in order to get something done. I don’t have time for any nonsense and you don’t either. With a wholesaler you don’t need to stress over the little things. You show your proof of funds, sign an assignment agreement, send a certified deposit to their title company and set up a settlement date.

Pick Of the Litter: It’s always nice to be able to pick out where your properties are and what they look like (would you agree?) With a wholesaler you’ll have a variety of houses to choose from. You can even tell them you only buy townhouses in a certain zip code. They’ll be calling, emailing, and texting you as soon as they find something that fits your buying criteria.