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Option Trading – A Guide For Novices

Trading is a complicated process that involves a real knowledge base from the beginning to be successful. This means that even a starter needs to know what to expect. There are also different kinds of trading, so it is imperative to know the kind of trading you are interested in. In other words, lacking a fundamental knowledge of options trading, you will not get to enjoy success. A person who desires to make a meaningful profit in options trading has to improve his/her knowledge base for this field at all times.
What follows are some options trading thoughts that will start you off on the right foot:
1. Take the time to get to know and comprehend options trading talk. The language used in options trading is very different than the day-to-day speaking, which can be a big discouragement for people getting into this form of trading. However, with a slight effort in learning the basics of the lingo, you will begin to comprehend the trading a lot better. While just having some familiarity of the lingo of this type of trading is not enough to ensure you will see gains, it will enable you to get started in the field.
2. Put time into attending online and offline workshops and seminars. Workshops and seminars, whether online or offline, are a crucial resource for rapidly adding to your knowledge base of trading options. There are even online tutorials you can take advantage of. Options trading seminars are designed to be useful for all knowledge levels. For the beginner, it is important to only try to understand the basics when you start going to seminars and then build on this knowledge base by continuing to attend more seminars.
3. Use online tutorials as a knowledge resource. There are numerous companies online that give you the opportunity to subscribe to online tutorials which will benefit you greatly. Online tutorials typically provide you with an interactive module that allows you to learn by doing.
4. Find books you can read on options trading, whether through buying or through borrowing. As you begin your research, you will note that there is a ton of information on this type of trading on the World Wide Web, but it will not take long to see that most of the information is the same no matter where you look. This is where reading books focused on this type of trading can be very useful. There are hundreds, or even thousands, of books on options trading available today. However, just because you quickly found a book, do not feel it will give you the information you need. You want to find books that have experts, who are renown in the field, to be the author of the books you read. It is important to get your knowledge from people who know the best techniques.
Reading quality books will teach you methods to use for understanding technical analysis (like using charts), understanding the various marketing analysis tools, recognizing valuable trade options, and planning a strategy that will result in the best profits.

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Is Knowing What You Know Worth Anything Today?

How is Knowing what you know by the way of experience worth anything today, when anyone can read the shorthand version and put it out there as if they own it? Most seekers will undoubtedly never have the real sweat and tears version, the version that spells out with emotion the process dirty hands and all.
The cuts and bruises suffered along the way, the scraped knees of trial and error are the high prices paid for the knowing a story could tell yet don’t translate well enough to matter. Someone completely talking through their (hat) lol can own the end result with a little study so everyone understands them to be an expert.
How is a seeker to know what to look for, when a shortcut artist can just paint a copy, throw some chrome and fast looking wheels hook on it leaving no one the wiser till crunch hard enough at this juncture but the fact that they are backed up and promoted by folks (to them, it sounds good) that lack the knowledge of specifics within a given topic, like its okay if your information is wrong as long as it reads right to them spelling, paragraph and punctuation correct.
Little do the seekers know how much is lost in translation between the experienced and someone who read it some where in a magazine. It is the lost part that will get you every time, the point not driven home, that pivotal subtlety left on the table because it wasn’t sticky or large enough in the sift of information and fell right through, that little golden nugget fell right through, the one that makes everything right and not for naught slipped right through un-noticed.
It can be costly to a seeker for they have no way knowing until it is too late (hell it sounded good) they are missing the return spring on the gas pedal as they gas on! right into I don’t know what happened it wouldn’t stop. I have seen craftsmen work their magic in many instances throughout life, magic born of experience that permeates everything they do as they pull all the pieces together into a highly regarded result which to me is the only version a seeker should be subjected to.
I can understand to a great extent the needs of someone looking to make a buck, to do the best with what they have and if you have nothing then you must get creative one way or the other, hell or high water. What I don’t understand is pretending to know something and selling it like your are the last word when it comes to that something which by the way just happens to be your middle name, how could that be wrong?
I guess this is just the voice in the ego driven part of me that knows better, that part of me that should not be seen and should not be heard. Yes I can go along with blinders on and just get over any opinion I might be harboring about anything that might matter to me and what about this question I’m asking, is knowing what you know worth anything today, should it matter?

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The Power of Satan is Dismissed

Lets begin with knowledge. Why? Because Jesus built his church upon knowledge. As a matter of fact this is the only church that Jesus built. OK. So now you can understand that knowledge must be a primarily important  factor?  But wait. Is there such a thing as secret knowledge? If so, Where is it and how do you get it? God is all knowing. God teaches man through man. Man is the teacher of man. God sent prophets, who were men of flesh and blood, to show man the path to eternal bliss. Jesus was a man. By his own words the son of man. Wait. Does that mean we are like the prophets? Are we like Jesus? Yes. We are all Children of God.

” Of All Men, Born of woman, From Adam Till John the Baptist, No One is Greater Than John. Although I Say to You, He Who Finds the Kingdom of thy Father, They Will Become Greater Than John the Baptist…”        – Jesus  –

“What You Do to the Very Least of Your  Brothers You Do to Me…”  –  Jesus  –

Jesus spoke of unity, a brotherhood among men. Gods light is in all men. ” A house divided cannot stand…” The evil is that which keeps men apart from his soul, and his brother. You have a choice. You can allow evil to control your life, or you can control your own life. God has given you a mind, which is controlled by you and no one else.

Feel the power that God has given to you. Reach for your soul, let it grow and let it show. You will see all your earthly challenges diminished and eventually disappear. Earthly sins will no longer exist, as they are born from fear. At this point man will be a great contribution to the Universe”