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The Power of Satan is Dismissed

Lets begin with knowledge. Why? Because Jesus built his church upon knowledge. As a matter of fact this is the only church that Jesus built. OK. So now you can understand that knowledge must be a primarily important  factor?  But wait. Is there such a thing as secret knowledge? If so, Where is it and how do you get it? God is all knowing. God teaches man through man. Man is the teacher of man. God sent prophets, who were men of flesh and blood, to show man the path to eternal bliss. Jesus was a man. By his own words the son of man. Wait. Does that mean we are like the prophets? Are we like Jesus? Yes. We are all Children of God.

” Of All Men, Born of woman, From Adam Till John the Baptist, No One is Greater Than John. Although I Say to You, He Who Finds the Kingdom of thy Father, They Will Become Greater Than John the Baptist…”        – Jesus  –

“What You Do to the Very Least of Your  Brothers You Do to Me…”  –  Jesus  –

Jesus spoke of unity, a brotherhood among men. Gods light is in all men. ” A house divided cannot stand…” The evil is that which keeps men apart from his soul, and his brother. You have a choice. You can allow evil to control your life, or you can control your own life. God has given you a mind, which is controlled by you and no one else.

Feel the power that God has given to you. Reach for your soul, let it grow and let it show. You will see all your earthly challenges diminished and eventually disappear. Earthly sins will no longer exist, as they are born from fear. At this point man will be a great contribution to the Universe”