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Gaining Spiritual Insights – Part 2

The discovery of the importance of having spiritual insights positions us for spiritual development and growth. Let’s explore the sources of gaining spiritual insights; understanding the necessity of this in the body of Christ. To be an effective, relevant Christian requires more than every Sunday presence in worship services, which is a part of our spiritual activities and not to be treated as the whole.
Sources of Gaining Spiritual Insights
1. Dreams and Visions
All through the Bible, God had used dreams and visions to give spiritual guidance to people who sought his face. Of course we need to be well guided because all dreams don’t come from God. To best benefit from this source, you have to develop a regular life of prayer not a casual Sunday morning worship. When Jacob went out from Beersheba toward Haran and laid down to rest on his journey, God visited him in a dream and assured him. This calmed his anxiety in the journey and gave him confidence. I’ve received many spiritual insights through dreams and visions that became a reality when I awoke. When faced with difficult situations, sometimes I go to God in prayer at night and wait on the Lord to give me directions in the dream. When you lay down with a divine consciousness, the Lord can visit you through dreams and visions and give you spiritual insights.
The scripture addresses this source when it said, “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumbering upon bed, then he openeth the ears of men and sealeth their instruction; that he may withdraw from man from his purpose, and hide pride from him” (Job 33:14-17, KJV). There are those whom God gives dreams and visions to as a spiritual gift. If you desire being used this way, ask the Lord in faith and trust that he will answer.
2. Gift of the word of knowledge
This is one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit given to a person for the benefit of the body of Christ. You can be a chosen vessel for this source of gaining spiritual insight. This is not a guesswork, it’s the spirit of God imparting into your spirit without any foreknowledge, insight as touching a condition, event, or even Lord has used me in this area in several instances that simply blows me away. We’re admonished to desire spiritual gifts and I believe strongly that the Lord isn’t partial. If you desire this gift, make it a habit to spend time in God’s presence.
3. Gift of Discernment
This is inspired illumination given by the Holy Ghost at an instance to know the state of affairs. It works closer to the gift of the word of knowledge but differs in operation. You can walk into a situation or place and like a light, what goes on in the environment is made clear to you. It’s a divine perception that is unquestionable and exact. Our human faculties are always muted when the Holy Spirit is operating in our lives. Apostle Paul confronted a damsel who was possessed with a spirit of divination who followed him in the evangelical services for days. When he discerned by the Holy Spirit, the evil spirit operating in her, he commanded the Spirit to leave in the name of Jesus.
4. Meditative Study of God’s Word
The Psalmist says, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” (Psalms 119:105). You’ll avoid unnecessary stumbling because the Word becomes your divine instructor. It provides the insights of things to avoid. Studying and meditation upon the word of God gives us an understanding of spiritual matters. You’ll have to set aside time for this exercise, and you’ll grow in great spiritual depth. God is a spirit; our human sinful nature can’t understand nor embrace divine matters. It’s our position to ask the Lord earnestly as we study his word for spiritual insights. Until the eyes of our understanding are enlightened, we walk and live in spiritual blindness.
5. The preaching of the Word of God
There have been many cases that I received deep spiritual truths as the word of God is expounded. When Jesus taught and preached to the multitudes, they declared “we’ve never heard it like this.” You can read the scriptures and obtain no meaning from it, then you listen as the same is preached and, like a light in gross darkness, the Lord shines his understanding into your soul man. The same becomes so clear and you’re overwhelmed with the abundance of spiritual insights.
The more spiritual insights you gain through these sources the more mature, wise, and confident you will be in your daily Christian living. To gain spiritual insights requires a conscious effort of spending time in God’s presence.

Importance Of Education

Investigate This Self Taught Knowledge Model

Presenting a self-taught model preview to investigate different types of knowledge. Not just any kind but what you have acquired over a period of years. Have you ever thought about where knowledge goes to in your brain? What about how you remember some information and forget other data. It amazes and at the time frustrates me when I try to remember something and for the life of me cannot recall it. Then when my thoughts are on unrelated information it pops into my brain out from nowhere. I do not have all the answers but I want to check out a few thoughts on the subject.
Investigation model preview 1: Old knowledge recalled. The brain works in unusual ways. Some people are smarter than others. It is amazing to me how one person has a good memory and the next can not remember from one day to the next. It could be hereditary or maybe it is not getting the correct amount of exercise. What data is important to you will be recalled easier than data you have no interest in whatsoever. The point I am trying to make is comparing data to the food you like eat and the amount of left overs that is thrown away the part you do not like.
Investigation model preview 2: Current knowledge explored. How do really know how smart you really are? Is there a gauge to measure the depth of your sense? Have you seen a scale that weighs the information acquired over the years? This is hypothetical thinking with a desired result. It does not work that way knowledge is not measured but calculated by how much of it you can retain and recall at a moments notice.
Investigation model preview 3: New knowledge stored. Where does the new information that is learned go inside our brain? What type of storage system is used? If you are like me we are both clueless about the matter. It happens in my mind all by itself automatically. The only thing I do is read, study, and research. Usually I go over the information several times and it sticks like glue.
Investigation model preview 4: General knowledge sought after. Sometimes data that I have not used for a while gets buried underneath incoming information. That means I will need to dig it up because it is almost forgotten about. Other knowledge is camouflaged so I have to hunt very careful for it. It could be covered up and hid so well that the disguise makes it almost impossible to find.
Now is the time to go on a treasure hunt inside your mind. You will never know how much buried gold maybe found. If you go looking on purpose the more will be uncovered. Have certain information that you want revealed to expose those hiding places. Waiting will only prolong your findings and slow down the discoveries.

Importance Of Education

Computer! Learn It Now Or Face This Worst Disaster!

Computer literacy quite recently, was defined as the knowledge and the ability to use computers and technology efficiently and effectively, in providing the desired solutions to the pressing Accounting, Mathematical, Engineering, Technological, Astrological, Meteorological, Economic and Social problems of the modern society in general terms.
There is no surprise that living without computers or at least a computer and internet have caused great disasters today in the lives of many individuals especially the youth. How do I know that? Am not gonna bore you with fairy tales of yesteryears my good friend, but I can as a matter of fact see it too clear for normal sight but rather like through a clear glass wall. Many graduates you see today have no jobs because they have all the qualitative university knowledge and a great certificate to back it up. However something very vital is wanted! That practical computer knowledge they don’t have or have not yet acquired is the ritual that has wiped out their names from the staff lists of super paying companies like Shell, Texaco, Chevron, Banks, insurance and other outstanding Companies around the world.
Many individuals today would have been successful online NETprenures like the publisher of the highest read Sports paper in Nigeria, COMPLETE sports and the widely read ‘success attitude developers weekly menu’ SUCCESS DIGEST, Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, others like Ewen Chia, Michael Filsaime, John Reese and many others that time will not permit me to mention right now if they had acquired practical computer education like these people did.
In a determined effort and attempt to make computer literacy a reality in the lives of our profound people whom we so much love as God has made us to, we thought of and have come up with not only computer literacy programmes at our various training centers (SICA trainings and Empowerment Scheme) but also have designed some special IT packages that makes you gainfully employed and helps you to earn additional regular income as soon as you graduate even if you are still working pending when you finally choose to become your own Boss.
Under this Training Scheme, we are ready and willing to render both online and offline intensive computer training services to enable our mentees and students or those who would be privileged to learn under our tutorage attain a significant comfort level with computer programmes and other applications that are associated with computers.
Through our trainings, participants will be taught how to use computer knowledge to solve daily business problems in their businesses to make their businesses grow faster.
They will also be vividly shown how to EARN a LIVING through online and offline entrepreneurship. the earlier you register, the better you become. so, hurry now and grab your own registration form to participate in the next training session before the seats are all occupied and you miss out!
Remember, BETTER is not good enough, the BEST is yet to come. Don’t catch a disaster!

Importance Of Education

Relationship Decisions – How to Make Them

It is important to rationally make a decision rather than to make one in anger or without thinking through the consequences of your actions. The following are some ideas on how to do it.
– Begin with a pro and con list of the relationship.
– Based on the list, determine what the main problem or problems are.
– Determine what the causes of the problems are.
– Decide what the possible solutions could be to the problem.
– Make a pro and con list on each potential solution to determine which one would be the best method of action.
– Are there any possible alternatives?
– Have a very definite view of what your goals are before making your decision.
– Know all your facts, what you will be faced with and what the fall-out of your decision will be.
– Be objective when making a decision.
– Make a decision based on knowledge and foresight not emotions.
– After the decision has been made based on the best action towards a solution, then just do it.
When difficult decisions are life-altering, we will always second-guess ourselves and our motives so the above decision-making process is important to follow.
The following are interesting quotes regarding decision making.
‘The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is to decide what you want.’ – Ben Stein
‘Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.’ – Napoleon Bonaparte
When my five children were young, I made the decision to leave my husband based on what was best for them. I deliberated long and hard before I made my final decision. I did not, however, have a good follow-up plan for after I had left. I ‘flew by the seat of my pants’ which is not something I would ever suggest anyone do, with or without five small children. I was determined that I was not going to go on social assistance so with perseverance and my Taurus stubbornness, we made it by working together as a united family. But based on my experience, I would always recommend having a good total plan before taking a step of major consequence.
I thought the following quote was worth remembering:
‘Sometimes you make the right decision and sometimes you make the decision right.’ – Dr. Phil
But once a decision has been made after much soul searching and thought, it will feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, no matter what the final decision will have been.

Importance Of Education

Twitter Or Facebook – Which is Better For Business?

Twitter or Facebook? Your starting up an online business and thinking of social networking as a means to market your product or service. You need to know which social networking site is better for that purpose. Twitter or Facebook?
We will start out by looking at Twitter. With Twitter you get 145 characters to say what you want. You need to have followers in order to be read. But, your tweet can reach millions of readers in the matter of minutes if you use the right keywords and hashtags. This can be huge for marketers. You just have to use their service correctly. Learn it.
Facebook is your other option. If you have a personal page on Twitter than you should have one for your online or offline business also. Facebook is great for getting your friends and their friends acquainted with you and your business. Many business owners also use Facebook as a way to connect to others in their niche. While others use it mainly for personal reasons.
As you can see Twitter has its advantages. You can reach millions of readers with interest in your product or service. You just have to use the right keywords and hashtags to get them to read what your saying. While at the same time Facebook can reach millions also by connecting your friends and their friends all with the click of a “like” button.
While it seems that Facebook is better, Twitter has potential. Facebook is definitely easier to reach your audience. But, with the right knowledge Twitter is an invaluable marketing tool. There are internet marketers that use both Twitter and Facebook in conjunction with each other. This type of practice might just give your product or service maximum exposure.

Importance Of Education

For Sustainable Educational Reform in K-12 Requires Changing This Paradigm

Given the local to federal resources invested for educational reform and the lackluster results such as continued poor high school graduation rates to less students entering the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines, a change of this paradigm appears necessary.

First, these two words probably need to be defined:



Both the Free and Merriam Webster online dictionaries define reform as “put into a better form or condition.” With the continued results in all past educational reform initiatives, this result has not been consistently achieved given the resources of time, energy, money and emotions invested.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines paradigm as “a pattern or model.” When looking at change, this words suggests we have an existing way or pattern of thinking. Individuals who wish to keep the same way of thinking probably are best reflected by this question: If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Those who are willing to shift their thinking model might be those looking to build a better mouse track.

Now the specific paradigm I am referring to is this one: Knowledge is Power. This model has been with us for many years and it did work well back then. However, today with knowledge changing at the speed of light, it truly is not the correct paradigm to support results driven sustainable change in public education K-12.

The better model is this one: Applied knowledge is power. And to be honest, this one is not all that new either as I first read it in a Zig Ziglar book published over 40 years ago.

When we shift how we think about things, the things we think about will change. Applied knowledge is all about self directed learning. Research suggests that young people who are currently in the K-12 educational institutions will experience anywhere from five to seven complete and total career changes due to the impact of technology in the knowledge explosion.

No longer is life long learning the supporting behavior behind Knowledge is power as relevant as it once was. Focus is required more today than ever before.

Additionally if this paradigm was working why are the results of current educational reform initiatives so poor? Most young people due to years of conditioning know they need to go to school, to arrive on time and to complete their homework on time. Yet, absenteeism, tardiness and incompleted work are still very much prevalent.

By shifting to applied knowledge, the focus is shifted to the individual and his or her specific attitudes and habits. This makes sense since most young people in grades kindergarten to third enjoy learning. However, around grades four and five a shift takes place. This may help to explain why so many students make a decision to quit high school in junior high or middle school.

The question to be asked is “Not do they know it?”, but rather “Do they want to do it?” Applied knowledge is the application of self-directed learning and reinforces the necessary attitudes and habits to be academically successful.

Next time when you hear “Knowledge is Power,” then you are experiencing Einstein’s definition of insanity, Doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results.

Applied knowledge is truly the source of power today and in the future. When educational reform embraces this paradigm shift, amazing and sustainable results are possible for everyone including the students, parents, teachers, administrators and taxpayers.