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I Became Smarter Because Of The Internet

Knowledge about our body and how it works depending on what we do is certainly a great key if we want to live longer. This information is not limited anymore. You can find it circulating over the internet and we must use it to our advantage.
Eliminating belly fat will not only help us be more mobile, but also give us that nice feeling around the tummy. It boosts a person’s morale and confidence; both key to having a greater outlook in life.
It’s not all about how you look, but how you feel; right? But what if you just don’t feel that good about yourself? That is something that we need to take action on because it’s important to have self satisfaction. It’s not narcissistic at all because it gives a better feeling.
If you eat less junk and more organic food, we can eventually decrease the excess fat. That fact has been true even before we were born. People had just been used to the junk food that’s been advertised and available all over the world. Yes it tastes good, but believe me, it won’t make you feel good if you ate too much of it.
You can eat junk food but only limit it to occasions. You can treat this as a small reward for yourself because of being healthy all week. But take note, you should only have a maximum of two junk meals a week if and when you’ve been eating healthy throughout.
Remember that whatever we eat in our body gets absorbed by it. If you don’t take action in the long run, the junk will pile up and eventually give you a lot problem. Not only excess weight, but organ failures and the likes are going to occur within you.
The internet can supply a lot of knowledge but at the same time, some false knowledge as well. The key here is to keep researching. What I loved about it is it gave me an access to a global library. I don’t like to research just for the sake of researching; yes that’s true. I research because I want to grow smarter and knowledgeable about life.
Health information is abundant today because of the internet. We find facts that we didn’t even know was there. So if you want to have less problems as you grow old, I suggest you start surfing the internet, reading, internalizing knowledge, and lastly, applying it.

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Advantages in Earning a Cert 3 Business Accreditation

Advantages in Earning a Cert 3 Business Accreditation

With schooling opportunities increasing and being made available to everyone who has a computer and an internet connection, it is only wise to seek out more schooling so you can advance in your own field and make more money throughout your career. A Cert 3 Business accreditation will in fact lead you to better job opportunities and give you the knowledge and skill sets to be able to compete in today’s business environment.

The Cert 3 courses are specifically geared towards those in the administrative fields. Administrative assistants, clerks and those in the data entry environment stand to gain the most from these courses.

It is not meant for those who really have no previous experience in administration. These courses offer more advanced training for those that already have prior experience and are looking to gain more in knowledge and learn more about how to improve their skills. More specifically, it will train them to be better with computers and expand their knowledge in the administrative environment.

If you have taken some business courses already and/or are already working in an administrative position, the Cert 3 business courses will work perfect for you. If you have no previous experience, a Cert 2 in business will certainly serve you better and give you the knowledge you need to eventually move up into the Cert 3 or Cert 4 courses.

A Cert 3 Business accreditation is smiled upon by higher ups in industry and large businesses. These courses are geared perfectly towards these environments and will give you an edge when competing for jobs in industry. Here’s a brief look at what these courses will train you to do.

You will learn to be able to work with payroll and how to process pay for fellow employees in a very efficient and time saving manner. You will also be able to use highly complex computers and software to create advanced spreadsheets giving an important array of information. It will also teach you how to work with sophisticated accounts in the business world.

These are just a few of the functions that a Cert 3 Business course can train you in. Most importantly, it will give you the skills to write and communicate to be a better administrative professional so you can make more money in the long run. The best part about this type of curriculum is the fact that you can take these courses online and at your own convenience.

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Do Adjunct Instructors Need a Hybrid Approach?

Do Adjunct Instructors Need a Hybrid Approach?

Many adjunct instructors that are teaching classes in a traditional classroom environment are finding that there is an option available to utilize an online classroom platform. If this option is available for your class, have you utilized it or considered the benefit of creating a hybrid form of classroom learning? What do you believe about your students’ ability to incorporate online classroom activities? It is understandable that this facilitation approach is going to require an additional investment of time on your part to create a structured learning environment from an empty course shell. There may be a learning curve involved for you, as well as your students, to become familiar with and navigate through this online environment. Despite these initial challenges it is very likely that a hybrid classroom approach can enhance the overall process of learning because of its potential to increase student engagement in the class.

If you are new to the online classroom platform the first step would be to find tutorials that will help you learn how to create the basic functions. For example, some institutions utilize the Blackboard and Moodle platforms. There are numerous informative videos available on YouTube that can help walk you through the necessary steps to get started. At a very minimum, it would be beneficial to establish a questions thread, a resources forum, a news forum, and a discussion forum. This will provide students with another way to contact you and it will allow you to have a central repository for handouts, website links, updates, videos, and additional materials that you would like to share. A discussion forum can help students feel connected to the class, to each other, and promote collaboration among them.

Utilizing an online classroom platform extends accessibility of the class and the instructor, turning a weekly class session into a continuous learning process. In a traditional classroom environment students may wait to study or complete their assignments until it is close to the next class session. By asking students to participate in the online portion of the class they are encouraged to work with the course concepts throughout the week and continue processing the information they have acquired. Initially you may need to offer an incentive such as extra credit or assigned points as a means of motivating students to participate; however, in the long run students are likely to be involved because they are often used to engaging in online social networking communities. You can also encourage students to check the online classroom on a regular basis by posting frequent updates or additional resources. When you are ready to introduce the online portion of your class take time to present a demonstration during one of your weekly lectures so that you can walk students through the various components and explain the purpose of each one.

The ultimate purpose of establishing a hybrid form of classroom learning is not to create additional work for you or busywork for the students. In order for this type of facilitation strategy to be effective it needs to be viewed as another way to connect students with the course and the information that they are receiving, for the purpose of enhancing the process of learning and knowledge creation. This also helps you reach out and connect with learning styles that may not be fully addressed with the traditional lecture. As you increase the number of interactions that students have with the class, you are also increasing their engagement and participation while providing additional support for their continued academic development.


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Timesaving Options for Counseling Continuing Education

Timesaving Options for Counseling Continuing Education

As a counselor, it is vital for you to keep up with your counseling continuing education credits. Losing track of those means losing your license and even your practice. It is important to keep up with your CEs, making sure you always know when its time to get more credits.

When enrolling in a course, take stock in how busy you are and how much time you may have to devote to a class. If you are balancing a relationship, family and a burgeoning practice you may need a counseling continuing education credit that allows a little more flexibility. On the contrary, maybe you have extra time this year to devote to a class. Either circumstance is a factor in the kind of course in which you can seek enrollment.

If you are one of those people that are constantly strapped for time, consider an audiotape course. This course is convenient for those whose only precious learning time is in their car each morning commuting. Just plug in the audio recording of a lecture or telephone discussion, listen as you drive and remember to take the quiz later. As long as you are able to give the material enough undivided attention to later review the major discussion points, you should have very little difficulty passing the quiz. Most of the audio courses have a link to an online quiz that once you have passed allows you access to a CE certificate for your files.

Perhaps you’d rather fit in course study in between clients at the office. An online course may be right for you. Online course work for counselors generally means finding a suitable course provided by a national or state approved board or association. Once you’ve found the right course, you’ll be required to simply enroll in the course online. Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll gain access to the course reading materials and any other work or assignments for the class. You finish by passing the quiz and gaining your certificate.

The last option, which may seem a bit closer to the traditional classroom experience, is the telephone course. Attendees of this course usually sign-up to be part of a telephone call that involves the main speaker and featured topic as well as other counselors listening in for continuing education credits. This call may be open for you to discuss ideas and ask questions, however it is occasionally offered as a closed conference call.

Whatever method of counseling continuing education you choose, you can be assured that if you spend time researching you can find the best fit for you. There are a large amount of companies, institutions and publications on the web that offer CEU course work and certificates. Look for an appropriate match for your lifestyle and wallet. Being well versed in the world of CEUs can provide you with a greater understanding of continuing education in general.

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How to Dive Deep Unto Our Passion

There are several things worth considering before we dive deep along the path of passion in order to claim excellence along those selected choice endeavors. For example, being a lover of wine and perhaps you had emptied a hundred different bottles already, yet suddenly there are questions related to those in general that you could not answer; unintelligible and at a loss of words. That is it! We thought it so and yet the truth may still be far from reach, so in fact there are many things that may have been overlooked, like how to drink in their best state, why we get constant hangovers or how to get through them? Questions like these opens up the path towards that next level. Note that this path should be ignited by means of passion, somebody can lead the way, but we must be the ones to decide that we are ready to pick it up and stay committed for as much as possible.
Gain Deeper Understanding (Continuously)It is not that difficult to dive deep unto those passion, firstly, seek deeper knowledge and understanding. Research it, read about it, ask of it and most importantly observe its characteristics and behavior; study it thoroughly. To love something, we must put as much effort into studying it; similar to what scientists do in form of scientific research. They reap results through formulations of methods and strategies that provide them with exclusive information or cutting-edge breakthrough pertaining to much deeper and wider understanding on the subject matter. The knowledge attained allows them to fully manipulate or put towards greater use under multiple perspectives underlying their scope of work. Now that is only the first step towards truly liking what we thought we enjoyed long ago.
Pick an Action (Always)Nothing beats action. Gain enough knowledge to allow work to be done. It is equally important and motivating to drive specific actions or task based activities to help crystallize that passion journey. Various such activities help along the channels to discover all the more enjoyable aspects along its momentum. Perform something or plan for something and enjoy the trial that comes with it. For example, to be a wine lover, by all means organize that wine tasting event with friends for the weekends! Or go out for that romantic dinner with that special bottle using those special wine-glasses? Why not try out that spectacular white Sangria recipe contributed by a friend? There are truly many things to experiment.
Share and Teach (When Time is Right)Always share and openly express our findings with others on similar interests. By that, the pool of passion enlarges and helps drive even more energy, creativity and relevance based on experience and accumulated thoughts. It is not bad to have critical members in the family as they may open up queries worth answering in the long run. Seek the answers while within that large pool of people as we may also discover the fact that perhaps the path was not suitable or fun all along. If such happens, it empowers us with knowledge required for positive change allowing us to know better what to do next.
Passion is a fire that does not dim easily, so it requires a lot of work in return for its on-going fruits.


Why it is Necessary to Teach Children About God

Children are considered the light of every community but no light shines brighter within us than having the knowledge of God. Without this knowledge we are bound to put out the light and innocence of our children. There are several reasons why children should know about God from the time they are born. Below are some of the most pertinent ones.
The bible teaches us that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. In today’s society with the vast advances in technology there is no doubt that children are more exposed than ever before to adult content. Even with parental guidance it is impossible to monitor the activities of children for twenty four hours. We need to have a means of knowing that there is a greater power keeping them in line when we are not there. Telling a child about God is opening its eyes to fear something and someone of an immense statue that gives them boundaries. The basic knowledge of obey your mother and father, love your neighbors as yourself are sufficient to get a child to be submissive and humble before adults. These boundaries enable the child to have fear for the unknown and keep them within the confines of adult instruction. It also prevents bullying, name calling, abuse and all the other negative facets that are a part of us. Only by a child knowing where they have gone wrong can they take responsibility for their actions.
Life and Death
Most children are stunned when they first hear about death because they have no understanding of what it is. When they hear of death in the family, to a friend, a pet or of even their favorite stars, they have little or no means of understanding why this happened. Teaching them from an early age about God, places them in good stead to be able to cope with the stresses of life. There are other aspects such as illness, poverty, disasters and war that make no sense to children. All of these are dealt with at great length in God’s word. They can easily learn about love, hate, jealousy, anger and many other aspects of life which take a life time to understand. This knowledge when taught to them through the word of God will be delivered with spiritual intent and develop their minds without affecting their youth. It would give the child direction and answers especially in times of need. The good thing about God’s word is that there is no age limit. We are all welcome to read and interpret his word according to our existence.
It is the duty of every parent to pass on the knowledge of God to their children. At the same token by which we happened to receive this knowledge we are expected to pass this on to our children. By doing this we would also learn how, we, as adults are chastised by God. By doing this we would fully comprehend how we can also be considered children of God. Teaching our children wrong from right with God’s guidance increases our own understanding of scripture and places more responsibilities on our shoulders to act appropriately in society.
These three aspects cover the main reasons why we must let our children know about God. God is a spirit and his word is eternal so we have no knowledge of what work he does within the child. However if we can recognize what he does for us then we should know that the same works of miracles apply to our children.