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Why it is Necessary to Teach Children About God

Children are considered the light of every community but no light shines brighter within us than having the knowledge of God. Without this knowledge we are bound to put out the light and innocence of our children. There are several reasons why children should know about God from the time they are born. Below are some of the most pertinent ones.
The bible teaches us that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. In today’s society with the vast advances in technology there is no doubt that children are more exposed than ever before to adult content. Even with parental guidance it is impossible to monitor the activities of children for twenty four hours. We need to have a means of knowing that there is a greater power keeping them in line when we are not there. Telling a child about God is opening its eyes to fear something and someone of an immense statue that gives them boundaries. The basic knowledge of obey your mother and father, love your neighbors as yourself are sufficient to get a child to be submissive and humble before adults. These boundaries enable the child to have fear for the unknown and keep them within the confines of adult instruction. It also prevents bullying, name calling, abuse and all the other negative facets that are a part of us. Only by a child knowing where they have gone wrong can they take responsibility for their actions.
Life and Death
Most children are stunned when they first hear about death because they have no understanding of what it is. When they hear of death in the family, to a friend, a pet or of even their favorite stars, they have little or no means of understanding why this happened. Teaching them from an early age about God, places them in good stead to be able to cope with the stresses of life. There are other aspects such as illness, poverty, disasters and war that make no sense to children. All of these are dealt with at great length in God’s word. They can easily learn about love, hate, jealousy, anger and many other aspects of life which take a life time to understand. This knowledge when taught to them through the word of God will be delivered with spiritual intent and develop their minds without affecting their youth. It would give the child direction and answers especially in times of need. The good thing about God’s word is that there is no age limit. We are all welcome to read and interpret his word according to our existence.
It is the duty of every parent to pass on the knowledge of God to their children. At the same token by which we happened to receive this knowledge we are expected to pass this on to our children. By doing this we would also learn how, we, as adults are chastised by God. By doing this we would fully comprehend how we can also be considered children of God. Teaching our children wrong from right with God’s guidance increases our own understanding of scripture and places more responsibilities on our shoulders to act appropriately in society.
These three aspects cover the main reasons why we must let our children know about God. God is a spirit and his word is eternal so we have no knowledge of what work he does within the child. However if we can recognize what he does for us then we should know that the same works of miracles apply to our children.