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The mind is a terrible thing to waste. That statement is true. I can give you a lot of reasons why we should stimulate our mind. One of those is, our mind has a limitless potential. Yes it includes imagination. Imagination is where it all begins. Then our mind crunches numbers and ideas to make that idea as solid as reality.
Our brain is where everything starts. This is where our memories from our childhood are stored; this is where we remember how it was like being a child. This is where we draw knowledge and information when we work. Without using our brain, we wouldn’t be using our full potential as a person.
If you’re a person that feels like you can’t think like the most intelligent guy in class, you’re wrong. You might be more intelligent than him. Why? Because you know your current limits. It’s up to you to decide to exceed that limit and exceed the most intelligent guy in class.
If you know Albert Einstein, You’d probably remember him giving a statement like we humans use only a small portion of our brain. There’s a whole untapped resource of knowledge waiting to be used. It’s how we reach into it and make something happen.
If you’re asking how to reach higher in thinking power, you need to start exercising your brain.
You can start with crossword puzzles so your brain can get shocked and think. Crossword puzzles not only makes you think logically, it makes you think creatively. If you can’t find the answer, you can cheat the answer to expand your knowledge. It’s not the cleanest thing to do, but it’s a way for you to learn.
If you know how to drive, you can expand your brain by creating a picture of every street in your city through your brain. You can use landmarks to help you out in doing so. Memorizing and creating a picture of every street in your mind helps you to recall knowledge and other things faster.
I found this useful because I love to drive. I know Global positioning systems are helpful, but nothing beats a challenge of the brain. As I learn new roads, I learn new shortcuts on how to get to other places. I create a mental Global positioning system when I need to go somewhere.
Challenging your mind can be one of the more stressful things to do in life. But it helps you be a more logical person and can help you get through in life because you have a lot of knowledge to share and use.