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Preparing For the FAA Pilot Knowledge Test

I am preparing for my FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test:Should I go on a few local flights to prepare?
This really depends on you – and my instant “yes” may not be the correct answer for you. I am a very strong advocate of purchasing and studying an online FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test preparation course EVEN if you are attending a traditional classroom ground school.
Here is the problem with my instant yes. They’re usually one hour, and I can guarantee you that 2 hours in the air will cost you more than the online course; an interactive digital course that is always updated to meet any FAA changes.
You need to weigh this question out for yourself and decide if the investment is worth it. If you are a “learn by” example / visual / left brain type of person then going up with different people and taking the controls for a while will really help you immensely.
The passing score on the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test is only 70%. If you get 70% the FAA will let you move forward and begin learning how to physically fly an aircraft. As stated in another article, it is important to do better than just pass the test “by the skin of your teeth”. The FAA really doesn’t care, but everyone else does.
If you are considering a carrier in Aviation or if you want to move forward into any certifications that includes compensation (such as towing gliders or crop dusting) your employer will want to know what your score was on your FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test. Even more, your Score on the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test can affect the way the insurance companies look at you in some states. Yes, all pilots need to have insurance the same as any driver.
Here is a bit of a solution to the financial burden of trying to get some airtime while you are still preparing for your FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test. Let everyone at the airport closest to you know that you want to go flying. There are usually quite a few FAA Recreational Pilots flying on the weekends. They can legally carry one passenger with them and if you explain your situation they may even let you fly for free just to have the company.
If you have a jump school close to you (parachuting) express your situation to them. Normally the aircraft used are two seats, and even if both seats are occupied, you can sit in a jump seat or stand in the doorway to get a feel. Personally, I would just make sure I was the last one to jump.
If you are enrolled in classroom training for your FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test then let your instructor know you want to go up as much as you can. All pilots know other pilots and your instructor will also be able to help.