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Yoga – Apply Your Knowledge

The practice of yoga has huge benefits both physical and mental. But if we want to draw maximum benefits of it, we should not impose our personal ideas to the concepts and practices of yoga. What we should do is incorporate the teachings of yoga in our lives as best as we can and apply them in all situations and at all times. Thus we can reach wisdom. Knowledge is an intellectual process, but the moment we begin to apply knowledge in a practical way in our lives, knowledge becomes wisdom. Knowledge becomes wisdom when applied in life. The knowledge remains knowledge when we know one thing, but we do not apply it because of our situation or circumstances.
As aspirant of yoga, as a student of yoga, like Yogi, as sannyasin, whatever our role in the world of yoga, our efforts must remain focused on the implementation of what we know, not to fill our head with lots of different ideas and fail or lose our direction in life. This has been the message that Paramahamsaji has passed. I found this inspiration in their satsangs.
The practices of yoga, whether it is asana, pranayama or meditation, are very good. We should try to do them but, together with these practices, we must also understand the reality behind the outward appearance. Not all that shines is gold. How do we know that is not gold? We must look beyond appearance and only then we will become a true yoga sadhaka.