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3 Steps to Self-Reconciliation – Accept Yourself!

2012 is the Year of Spiritual Transformation (enlightenment). This article is about reconciliation or reconciling with self. There are 3 Steps to Self-Reconciliation. This is so important for us this year to truly transform ourselves. Why?
It is only through the well-informed awareness of the true contents of self that will activate those contents of self, into self-expression.
If one is not conscious of the opportunity for greatness that rest within themselves, they will never intentionally demand that this greatness be awakened and arisen into expression.
Reconciliation is a process of coming into agreement with what we were meant to do-opposed to what we have done. This is a place of knowing (our true self) opposed to thinking we know. It is a knowing coming from Spirit and Super-cedes our minds.
Women are Powerful!
At what time do we really realize how powerful we are? When is it that we know for sure and believe with all of our heart and our strength that we can overcome anything? That we can move any mountain? When we feel weak, tired, angry, depressed, burdened, we should look inside ourselves to re-evaluate what tools we innately possess, what we already have.
Acknowledging that our true capacity is not limited or reduced by the opinion of others!
The Power lies inside!
We have a mighty Power inside of us! We can’t tell our friends to look at it. They probably can’t see it. It’s big enough to handle all of our problems, circumstances and situations. Can we use it? Do we know how? How can we have so much power available to us?
Can we see it?
Some look, others see… many look because they know we have something. They know that there exists something in us (women) that is powerful. Others see that we (women) possess this greatness and they wonder – Does she really know her power? Can she operate in it? Can I still attack her, distract her, and so on… The power is ours. It’s yours.
3 Steps to Self-Reconciliation
1) Acknowledge- We must know that God (our spiritual force) is ALL KNOWING. We must start acknowledging that we need guidance and we have access to complete guidance. In this step, we are acknowledging that we do not KNOW EVERYTHING. Uncertainty is uncomfortable. We must find comfort in KNOWING the ONE that KNOWS. Know what you don’t know!
2) Surrender – (Letting go) – We must let go of old definitions of self. We must know that when we are being transformed or when we are in transition, we are not who we use to be. We must be mindful of toxic relationships or people who cannot imagine us striving to be better. Sometimes people can define us outside of how God has defined and designed us, because of our past experiences. We must surrender old thoughts, bad relationships, habits and negative mindsets. Why? Because we become, what we think. If we fall short in our efforts, instead of getting back up and continuing to move, our thinking can make us give up. Focusing or worrying about our past failures, bad habits and the opinions of people will guide us back to that behavior.
3) Acceptance- (Letting come) – New knowledge of self must be picked up. This is done by taking an active role in self-examination, self analysis and correction. We must learn about our value to God, to focus on our strengths, stand taller and firmer rooted in the knowledge of Self. We must embrace and love ourselves in spite of our imperfections. We must accept who we are and be ourselves.
We cannot be judgmental regarding other people (pre-judging the package before we know its contents). Keep the faith and know that God is sending resources to us. We do not know how the person or package will look with the contents sent from God. We do know that it will be what we need and it is sufficient!
This Year we MUST have an Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Will.