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3 Steps to Self-Reconciliation – Accept Yourself!

2012 is the Year of Spiritual Transformation (enlightenment). This article is about reconciliation or reconciling with self. There are 3 Steps to Self-Reconciliation. This is so important for us this year to truly transform ourselves. Why?It is only through the…

What Are the Obstacles to Immerse Yourself in Another Culture?

“Problems become opportunities if the right people come together” – Robert SouthAn alien cultural setting can be extremely demanding. You will have to communicate in a new language while finding new, culturally appropriate strategies to seek out interactions. What is…

Self-Discovery Through Teaching Yourself Tarot Mastery

There are as many ways to read Tarot as there are people who do. Tarot does not have to be a parlor game, does not have to be the one-card-at-a-time sophomoric routine, does not have to be New Age fluff….