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Unemployed Or Unemployable?

Unemployed Or Unemployable?

Your entire school experience is centered on getting a job instead of creating a job. If you did really well in school then you are probably the type that requires structure, you may even Love structure. And that’s great as long as it works for you. Or until your employer downsizes or someone above you in the corporate hierarchy decides that they really don’t want all of a sudden that structured environment takes on the shape of a life trap: Why have I spent my life here? What’s wrong with me? I’m better and smarter than most of my bosses, how come I’m NOT the boss? Why am I just getting by, I wanted to be rich!?

Well here goes, You spent your life there because it was safe. What’s wrong with you is that you have just figured out that your life was in someone else’s hands, not your own. You are not the boss because you have been taught to follow instead and not to lead. And finally, you are not rich because you were happy just getting a pay cheque for your time. Instead of finding what you will be happy to spend time doing and find a way to make that into a pay cheque.

How do I fix this?! If you have read this far then you have already started. The decision to find information and educate you is the first step. The next step is to convince yourself that you are in fact everything that you used to think you were.

How many teenagers are smart enough to run the country? If I recall being a teenager correctly, the answer of them. Can you remember having all of the answers to life’s mysteries, but now as an adult they seem a little fuzzy. While teenagers may not always have the correct answer, the attitude of “I can do anything” is RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

The future is wide open when you are a teenager, so why does that change?Did you stop having a future?

Is there no tomorrow for you once you are out in the world?Everyday has a tomorrow on the way.

How can you do anything you want?Simple! You can because you believe that you can. When you believe, you find a way! Self Confidence is the first thing that you need. If you don’t believe in yourself and your own abilities then nobody will. The “can’t” belief has been hammered into you for so long that now you believe it.

People will tell you that you can’t do something simply because they do not have the ability. Therefore, you can’t either!! Their rationalization for this may make sense, after all, you’re not as good, or as smart, or as experienced, you don’t have the money to just jump in.

Hey, maybe if you are over 35 you have lost the ability to learn new , that’s what happens!!! How many people will tell you that responsibility that weighs you down? The routine. The day to day living!!! Hey folks all that stuff that is bringing you down is your life, your actual existence is preventing you from attaining your dreams? What a load of garbage!

What happened to your dreams????? Whose life is this anyway? Are you going to do better in your next life?

Just when are you going to start making your daily life what you want it to be? Based on the fact that you are here right now, I guess it’s today.

GOOD FOR YOU! You happen to be in a very small and special are a doer, not just a talker!

I have been hearing a saying for most of my life, and I’m sure that you know this one as well. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” Ya, that’s nice, but so what!

What if you can teach yourself to look at every new day as a new opportunity?

An opportunity to make one part of your life better; An opportunity to learn something that you have an interest in; An opportunity to reach out to someone who needs help; An opportunity to make more out of your life, in whatever way that makes sense to you.

What if you got up every day and looked at your life as a wonder and approached every person and every thing with that same sense of awe. WOW!! WHAT A DAY!

All of a sudden the simple things are incredible, the sky is a more vivid blue, and clouds take on all sorts of shapes. Kind of like when you were a kid and the world was this great big playground. Remember being a kid? That kid is still inside you, even if you don’t let them out to play anymore.

What a shame it is to grow old and stuffy and set in your ways. Would you rather grow old while still being “cool”, “full of life”, “open to new things”?

“Stand in wonder and awe of the simple things and life will not pass you by” MF McDougall

I am certain that if you can do this, you will approach every day with the same enthusiasm.

I am writing this on a Sunday morning while my wife and kids sleep. The uninterrupted quiet time is nice, but what is really cool is having something that gets you feeling that good about what you are doing and keeps you juiced up even early on a Sunday you want that kind of excitement about work? How about just daily living? Do you want to be excited just to be alive?

Ask yourself this question. Why can’t I? Now give yourself the answer.

Too hard, too far, not smart enough, too tall, too lazy, too dumb, no money, too old, too young, etc.

Now ask yourself this question. How can I? Now give yourself the answer.

It gives you a different feeling right? Why? Because it is not a negative question, which by the way, will always give you a negative answer. Look for words that help you take a positive action. Say things like, “I’m going to”, “How can I”, “Is there a way”. Once you get your mind to focus on positive ideas that feeling that comes with taking action will follow. But even better than that feeling of “I’m not smart enough, or good enough” starts to get replaced by thoughts of “I can do this”.

So the first thing that you have to change is the attitude of reaction as opposed to taking action.

What exactly does this mean? Let’s say you knew a tree limb could fall on your car in the driveway. You can park on the street until the branch falls on its own. That would be reacting. Or you can get your lazy butt up there and cut the offending branch off. This allows you to park in your driveway under your terms. No more waiting around for Mother Nature and gravity to do its thing. You took action!!

Yes, that is an overly simplistic example. How many people do you think have branches waiting to fall?…Probably millions. How can you take this example and use it in your own life? Metaphors are merely a way of beating around individual issues. So take a minute and think about things in your life that need tending too.

Just start today with one thing. Tomorrow, what the heck, try two things! By day four you will feel the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders…Because youtook action!!

Start Now! Get back to your GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!