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Master and the Self

The Master sees everything as himself, all knowledge is within. So whatever he sees, whatever he knows, he knows his Self. That is why a Self realized soul is called omniscient. He knows everything. Why? because whatever he knows, first, he has known the Self, his Self, that omniscient part of himself. The Self is this knowledge and this is the only reality. This is the only solution. We have many problems but this is the only solution. Each of us contains the possibility of using this solution by realizing the soul. So we talk about many worldly problems, we talk about many worldly things. The only solution to these worldly problems is to know thy Self. When you know the Self you will see that gradually all problems will cease.
I bow down to the oh great soul, my Master.
You are free from all attachments and the best of the learned and good.
You are the embodiment of eternal bliss.
This spiritual knowledge is based on the Master/disciple relationship. Spiritual knowledge goes from one heart to another heart. So the Master talks about the Self. When the Master talks about the Self the Master talks about himself, because he has realized that Self and he has become that Self. So when he talks about himself his words are so strong, because every word he speaks comes out of his own realization. He speaks from his own is speaking from his own an unenlightened soul speaks about Brahman, he speaks, but because he does not have that realization he cannot show the way to another aspirant. But a person who has realized the self knows the path of realization. He knows the path through which we can go to realize the Self. That is why the total science of spirituality depends on the words of the Master. The vibration of realization is delivered through their experience, their voice, their words, their touch, their glace, their picture, their face etc…
Mantra mulam Guru vakyam (Whatever the Guru is saying, this is the only mantra.)
There is no other mantra other than this.
Dyana mulam Guru murtim (If you have to meditate, you have to meditate on the picture of the Guru)
Puja mulam Guru padam (If we have to worship, we have to worship the lotus feet of the Guru)
Moksha mulam Guru kripa (The mercy of the Master is our salvation)
When then mercy of the Master comes, only then, we realize our Self and become enlightened. Swami Pavitrananda, the Master of my Master said that the only way to come out of all the problems in this world is to follow the words of the Master. The only way to get into the problems of the world is to avoid hearing what the Master , the spiritual world is the world of the words of the Master.
(The one whose glance, like the consolidated rays of the moon, washes away the worldliness resulting from the labor of birth and death)
His glace is like the consolidated rays of the moon. The rays of the moon are bright but they are not hot. They do not burn our eyes. I do not know whether you have any experience of the sun in India, the bitter sun that we have in India. Although the sun is bright it burns the eyes. So everybody in India loves the moon because the moon has a sweet and a soft light. It is also cool. You can stay and look at the moon for a long, long time. This is what the Guru is. This is what the Master whose glance is like the consolidated rays of the moon washes away the labors of birth and death. Whatever pain we have had to endure throughout the cycles of birth and death, the Master’s glance totally diminishes this pain.
Just his glance can wash it all away. Just a glance can take us beyond the cycle of birth and death. Now in the twinkling of an eye, I have attained this indivisible and inexhaustible treasure, the bliss of the Self. Just by a glance, the disciple has realized the soul. he has realized how peaceful the soul is. Now he can describe what the soul is. We have been talking about the Self. Now we will describe what the Self is.
(By the mercy of the Guru I have become blessed, successful, and free from the grip of the dragon of birth and death. Now I have become ever full of bliss.)
Yes now he describes the Self. I am unattached. This means that I am always unattached, I am always the witness. I am always the observer of this world. I am without a body. I am without all signs, subtle but I am indivisible, whole, ever peaceful, endless, pure and eternal. I am That.I am always free, I am always beyond everything. I am without a body, even the subtle body goes along with the mind and intellect.There was never any death. The subtle body did not die. I am always beyond death. Death cannot touch me. Death is of the body. It is not of the Self, which is cannot be broken, it cannot be killed.
(The body may die but the Self cannot be killed)
(It has got no birth. It has got no death)
Whatever death we see, it is only the death of the body, and the subtle body. But I am neither physical nor subtle do not know yourself. That is why you are distracted. Go inside the mind and then go beyond the mind, go beyond the body and you will see that you are completely still. You are without vibration. The vibrations are only from this external world. Whatever vibrations you see are only from the external world. It does not have any relationship to you.
In science we used to study one theory called resonance. Resonance means that when there are vibrations in one body, those vibrations are transmitted to another body. In an airport, the people who stay close to the plane when the flight takes off, receive the vibrations of the plane. The buildings resonate with the vibrations of the flight. However, the vibrations are not from the building they are from the plane. So vibrations come from the external world, but we take these vibrations into our body and make them our own. It appears that the vibrations are coming from inside of us. In this way we develop and maintain an imaginary connection with the external world. It is not a real connection, it is imaginary.
We have to establish that this connection is imaginary. So ultimately, you do not have any vibration. You are always the Self, calm, quiet, peaceful. You are endless. Why endless? It is because you don’t have any beginning. You have no limits. You are infinite. We limit our self because we associate our self with the finite. We associate our self with the mind and that is why we limit our Self. We think that we have an end but we don’t have any end. We are pure, we are only the Self. We are only the Self, we do not have any vibration within us. We do not have any matter in us we do not have any ignorance in us we are always pure knowledge. We are only consciousness, that is beyond knowledge. You never, ever had any vibrations. You are, quiet, calm and still. We are ever present in all times. We are beyond time.
I am not the doer, I am neither he who acts nor he who experiences the result of any action.
All of our suffering comes from our actions and the result of our actions. But Vedanta says that you are neither the doer, nor do you experience the result of your actions. Everything is a phenomenon of nature, we have no relation to this. This is why a person who realizes the Self goes beyond all miseries, activities and words. At the same time, we may wonder why someone suddenly does something to us. We may think there is no reason. However, everything has a reason. However, this is the result of our actions. Every action will have a reaction. So whatever we have done, returns. But at the same time we are neither the one who experiences nor enjoys our actions.
I never attach myself to any works, nor to I have the attachment to the desire for work. This is also our nature. We are always unattached to the actions and the results of our actions. I am beyond action and I am changeless. Actions continue but I am always unattached. I am always beyond them. My nature is pure consciousness. Ignorance is illusion, illusion is maya, and again maya is also not real. If you talk about practicality, then realize that there is nothing but the Self, there is only the eternal. You are not a sinner, you have never committed any mistake. You have never done anything sinful. You are always pure, you are always divine. You are eternal bliss.
Yes, I am separate from the hearer, the speaker, the seer and the doer, the enjoyer. I am without all limits.I am eternal consciousness, this does not need any explanation. I am a manifestation of the Supreme, ever free from anything internal or external. I am Brahma, one without a second free from all imagination of I, thou, of this or that. I am free from all doubts. I am incomparable, I cannot be compared with anything, because everything is worldly, but I am always beyond this world. Everything we think we know comes from our senses. Yet, we are beyond our senses. I am the purusha, the supreme, the indivisible consciousness without ego and any idea of me or my. I am That, supreme knowledge, supreme existence and supreme bliss. I am the refuge of all, everything takes refuge in me. I hold everything and I am the destroyer of all things. I don’t have any other controller or any ego Why? Because everything is me. When you realize the Self, this knowledge will manifest itself unto you.