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Where Are My Guys At?

Believe me, guys are genetically configured to be proud, and as much as we want to learn about things outside the normal stuff like academics, health, career etc, we desire to know more about the less important stuff like sense of style, how to live how to woo and keep women etc.
Some Guys are good at these stuff others just suck! and what makes it even more depressing is guys rarely ask questions about stuff like tips on women, dress sense, for fear of being labeled uncool.
I’m not an authority on these subjects but I try to seek, ask and knock on the door for information on these subjects. These less talked about stuff are actually what makes life more masculine, that reminds us that we the dominant sex and specie.
In truth, guys actually tend to lie or embellish their stories on escapades with the female gender and so many less important stuff, which tend to make them not want to seek answers when they seek one on these matters. Asking will only render their stories untrue, which will hurt their pride.
Other just simply see themselves as self acclaimed pros on the subject but actually don’t know shit and don’t see any reason to seek any. no wonder my people perish for lack of knowledge.
Being a guy is by far the coolest natural phenomenon in creation, but being a “correct” guy requires knowledge, skill and confidence that you not pre-created with, which can only be developed and mastered over time.
Finally, it’s okay to exist but it’s by far better to live. Life gives far more pleasure than pain, and the greatest of them, is living. And to live right requires knowledge, so seek it!