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100 Article Challenge – What To Write About

When you are continuously writing articles and especially during a 100 articles challenge you might come to a point of asking yourself: What shall I write about next? The following article will give you some ideas on how to find new or different titles and topics to write about.
Harvest your niche or expert knowledge
As you are writing you will undoubtedly tell us about what you know best, your expert knowledge. Remember that your readers might not know anything about the topic or at least less than you. Make sure you harvest your niche and talk about details. Even though it might be common knowledge for you, it might not be for those who want to read about it.
Here are some tips on how to use your expert knowledge:
Tip #1: Think about your audience
You might have had people ask you questions about your area of expertise. Use these questions and write articles that answer them. If you haven’t been asked yet, what would they want to know, what might they ask, if they had a chance? What have you asked yourself at the beginning when you got into your speciality?
Tip #2: Global and detail
There are two kinds of people: those who need to have the overview, the global picture and those who need details. Think about your topic from both sides. What can you say about it over all? What is the bigger picture?
What details can you write about? What are the sub themes and specific details that make up the whole?
Tip #3: Give different perspectives
In my area of expertise, which is relationship, I have noticed how important it is to give different perspectives and opinions. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to agree with the opinion or perspective that you write about but you can at least explain or talk about it with acceptance of the diversity of standpoints.
Tip #4: Use title suggestions
has a fantastic feature called ‘title suggestions’. Once you have reached that point where you find it hard to find another title or topic to write about go to the title suggestions, add your topic and keywords and you will find plenty of title options to choose from. The benefit of these I found is that they showed me different ways to title my articles.
Tip #5: Ask your audience!
Last but not least: ask your audience what they want to know about. I use my newsletter, blogs and my social networks like Facebook for people to give me questions to answer in my articles. It works – they are happy to let you know, try it out!
Even if you have no previous knowledge or skill in writing articles, you can do it. I did. Enjoy!