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Insurance and Public Adjuster Continuing Education

Insurance and Public Adjuster Continuing Education

There are two types of adjusters; insurance adjusters and public adjusters. Insurance adjusters typically work for a specific insurance company while public adjusters are usually self-employed. No matter what time of adjuster you are, one must complete a certain amount of insurance adjuster continuing education every 1-2 years depending on your state requirements.

Insurance adjusters are responsible for assessing damage when an insurance claim is filed. They are responsible for millions of dollars in claims each year. Among other things, continuing education will ensure they are up to speed on current laws and state regulations. An ethics course is typically required every compliance period as well. Ethics in this profession is very important. An agent needs to act ethically to themselves, their clients, and the company they work for.

A public adjuster has many of the same responsibilities, only they do not work for a specific insurance company. They are considered freelance professionals. Some of their responsibilities include: research, evaluating business loses, determining values for covered damages and negotiating settlements. They too require specific continuing education courses depending on their state’s laws.

Continuing education is required in many industries these days. Whether its sales training, mandatory continuing education credits or formal college courses. Companies need their employees to be life long learners and continue to master new skills. Many companies will actually pay for their employees to go back to school or complete their required continuing education courses. If you are an insurance professional or a public adjuster make sure to contact an approved school to see what courses you need to take and when your continuing education is due. Many states require all of your continuing education to be completed by your birthday every two years. But, others require less hours every calendar year. Make sure to complete your courses by your compliance period to avoid any state fines. States can fine an agent, suspend a license, or even revoke your license for failing to complete your educational requirements.

Insurance adjuster education can be done online in most states. This benefits the adjuster because the courses can be done anywhere with internet access at anytime during the day. Online courses are typically more convenient and less expensive than sitting in a classroom. But, if your state requires classroom training you will need to find a local lecture you can attend. It will take longer to complete, but there is no final exam at the end. Most online courses require an online examination after you read the textbook.