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Easy Steps For Social Work Continuing Education

Easy Steps For Social Work Continuing Education

You may be most interested in saving a little bit of money when you seek you certificate this time around. There are so many companies out there that want to help you save time and money. It is necessary for you to save time when looking to enroll in social work continuing education courses. You are busy and need to keep your attention focused on your practice. Yet, cutting corners isn’t an option either so it’s necessary that saving time does not get in the way of enrolling in a quality continuing education course.

When you begin looking for online course work, you need to find a company that has a trustworthy reputation and is staffed by people that you believe to be qualified. The person teaching the course should also have notable credentials and be a well known name in your field. You also want to recognize the people that sit on the board of the institution. These should definitely be recognizable names that are associated with the most cutting edge research.

You will also want to check the credentials of the particular site or institution that is offering the class you are interested in enrolling in. Look for specific national and state board approvals. Also, you will want to check for national membership organization approvals. For a company or institution to be approved to offer social work continuing education certificates, they have to meet strict criteria set out by these organizations.

Once you have researched the institution and its staff, you can learn about your options with the course work you select. You have a few different options for course work found within a website. There are a few different types to choose one and having a good feel for how much time you have to offer is wise. You will also need to be fairly aware of the style of learning you do best and where you plan to tackle the class.

There is audio, reading and video course work. If you interested in doing an audiotaped class, you will just need to fill out your application with the company so they can send you a tape. Some firms have begun to send mp3s as well. This audio recording will be a taped lecture or discussion. You will merely need to listen to the recording, take any notes or outlines and then pass a brief quiz. The telephone based course is similar. You’ll patched into a telephone conversation to listen live.

If you would like to read the material, then enrolling in a strictly online class will be a good fit. For this class, you will be sent the reading and course work through your email account. Any materials necessary to pass the quiz will be online for you to read at your leisure. Once you have completed the reading, all you’ll need to do is pass the quiz to receive your social work continuing education certificate.