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An Associate’s Degree Can Be A Great Alternative To Pursuing A Four Year Degree

An Associate’s Degree Can Be A Great Alternative To Pursuing A Four Year Degree

Maybe you have not yet acquired a degree other than a high school diploma, but the possibility to do so has always hung in the back of your mind. The next natural step is college, but if you are not ready to get a Bachelor’s degree, you should consider the Associate’s degree as an alternative option. It is an easy way to get started on the education you have always wanted for yourself.

There are a number of reasons for an unfulfilled education. Maybe you struggled with grades in high school and are not confident you would get accepted into college. It could also be a matter of financial stability. Even if you are rewarded a scholarship, the cost could be too much to handle. Or, the dedication of four years to your education could be a concern. This is why many students turn to community colleges for their Associate’s degrees.

Some people are not aware that community colleges have study opportunities that are similar to any other college. The only differences are in the layout of the education and requirements. Whether you realized your passion for business, art or another area, you can find a spot for yourself in community college.

Community colleges have a lot of opportunities for students to enroll part-time rather than full-time. This is especially helpful if you need to keep a job to pay for your education or if you have a family to care after. Additionally, getting an Associate’s degree only requires two years as opposed to the four-year Bachelor’s degree. This helps your decision if you are uncomfortable with spending four years at one college or studying one major.

Associate’s degrees tend to cost less than others, not just because they only take two years, but also because community colleges are less expensive. Also, there is no need to get nervous about being admitted. The only requirements are usually a high school diploma or a GED, which is a state equivalency diploma. If you do not have SAT or ACT scores that are acceptable for your particular major, some colleges offer a placement exam that you can take to ensure you can study whatever subject you want.

Many students get an Associate’s degree in the hopes of one day getting a Bachelor’s degree at a four-year college. If this is the main reason why you wish to attend community college, you will be comforted to hear that at some colleges, as many as three-fourths of students continue on to a Bachelor’s degree.

Though a high school diploma is very important, there are not as many job opportunities for those who do not carry a degree. The Associate’s degree is not only a great way to expand your knowledge, but also to acquire a job that requires more skills and thus pays more.