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5 Benefits Offered at a Local Community College

5 Benefits Offered at a Local Community College

Community colleges offer many benefits to high school graduates looking to get a higher education. However, these two-year schools are also beneficial to adults who want to go back to school, or brush up on a few lost skills. By taking community college courses, you can find yourself saving time and money, and use the skills earned to even make a little more money down the line. Below are five reasons to consider enrolling.

Close to Home

If you work and the nearest college is several miles away and/or costs too much, a closer campus may prove to be a better alternative. They usually offer the same or similar courses, and if one is nearby, your commute is much lighter than having to go out of town to a university.

Lower Prices

In many cases, courses at a community college are much cheaper than those at a four-year college or university. By taking classes there, you could save thousands of dollars in just the year or two you spend. As a result, you will not have to take out as many student loans, saving you a bit of a headache in the long run.

Professional Certification

Many community colleges offer professional certification or workforce development programs, which allow students to pick up relevant job training skills and experience. The certification programs require the student to complete a set number of hours. In some cases, the credits can go towards a Master’s degree, but also a higher salary or advancement within the company.

Adult Education

You may want to learn more about a specific field, or just pick up a new hobby. Community colleges offer courses in both that teach various skills. Those skills include computers and technology, photography, arts and crafts, and foreign languages. In many cases, you may only need one or two courses, instead of going for a degree. However, the knowledge learned can still refresh skills you have not used in years. By consulting the course catalog, you can easily find a number of classes to help you attain your goals.

Flexible Scheduling

If you have a busy lifestyle due to work or raising a family, community colleges offer flexible schedules that fit your full plate. You can attend evening courses or weekend classes in between your work week. In addition, many schools offer distance learning, where a student can take courses online from his or her computer, tablet or smartphone. This is a new alternative providing convenience for any student on the go.