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Who’s Watching the Kids When You’re at School?

Who’s Watching the Kids When You’re at School?

As an adult student balancing life, work and school, it can sometimes be difficult to find that right equilibrium. Focusing on school work can be especially difficult if you are also responsible for your family.

Here are a few childcare options that maybe you hadn’t thought of to help you have some study time.

1. Relatives

If you are lucky enough to live near your family, asking them to help you out every now and then can be beneficial. However, don’t always assume that they will provide that service just because they are your family. Explain to them how important your education is to you and how your life will be different because of the education you are receiving. And be sure to offer help when they need it as well.

2. Play Dates

Play dates are a great solution because it is often an even exchange between working parents. Someone watches your children for an hour, and vice-versa. It allows for both parties to get some things done without the added responsibility.

3. After School Programs

If you have school age children, you can check out after school programs. These provide a place for children to stay while you are working or are at school late in the afternoon.

4. Church

Many local churches provide day options for their members. You can ask around, talk to other members, or check out bulletins to see. Church members may also be able to reference someone to you if you are looking for a babysitter.

5. Babysitter

Although this is the most obvious choice, maybe you cannot afford to hire a babysitter. Consider sharing babysitters with your neighbors, coworkers, or fellow students to split the cost.

Balancing life, work and school is difficult but not impossible. The rewards of a college education make it worthwhile to make the effort.