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What Is PRINCE2? What Does It Have In Store For Me?

PRINCE 2 is a European Government standard for managing large projects and has been widely adopted as the standard for project management for all types of projects within the private and public sectors. This Training is intended for Project Managers, project management staff, and anyone needing to systematize, plan and control an undertaking using a structured project management approach. The PRINCE2 structure provides the flexibility to set stage boundaries which are appropriate to the needs of the project. The PRINCE2 Processes includes Starting Up a Project, Initiating A Project, Directing A Project and Closing A Project.
PRINCE2 is for:
It is an ideal reference for any individual dealing with project management. An excellent start point for everyone wishing to understand the principles and use of structured project management in any activity. The training is for those with a requirement to learn the basics and terminology of PRINCE2. It is the maximum level qualification and is suitable for those with the need to administer projects within a PRINCE2 environment. The certification is an invaluable advantage to anyone’s career as it augments employment prospects and helps individuals do their jobs more efficiently, becoming an advantage to their employers.
Which PRINCE Provider Should I Adhere?
There are many providers of PRINCE2 training, however are all unique in their own way. Some providers offer online PRINCE2 which tends to have lower grades, as there is no interaction with a live trainer. Some providers offer PRINCE2 training in a classroom with a trainer, which is undoubtedly the best option. We at The Knowledge Academy recommend the latter methodology and hence have the largest public schedule, allowing delegates to get trained on PRINCE2 nationwide, offering the best rate of A� 525 for the full 5 day foundation and practitioner course. This allows Project managers to enhance their project management skills. However, there are no pre-requisites for this course allowing participants from different industries and sectors.