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The Natural Reason for Humans to Be Vegetarian

This article will only help you to understand the natural reason for you to be a vegetarian. It is not necessary for you to suddenly convert but at the same time read through and decide for yourself. I always feel it is good to be rightly informed – don’t you?
Personally I have been through certain religious ordains and rituals which demanded me to be a vegetarian and abstain even from tea/coffee etc. I followed the diktats for a brief period and then a question arose in my mind – why should I blindly follow rules laid down by a group of fear-inducing sects? I took maters in my own hands and ate and drank what I was comfortable with, till I realized I could do without red meat and other extraneous dishes.
I have been enjoying a non-vegetarian diet for quite some years now till I read a book recently. It is a storehouse of knowledge and the knowledge is natural, not some formula or dietician’s menu. The information is so real and so simple! It is amazing that it has not been presented to us before in its most pristine form. I am not propagating any writer or religion or sect or any particular diet – I still indulge in fish and chicken and eggs occasionally but realization has reduced my urge and is making my decisions about food more sensible.
The book is called “The Holy Science” written by Sri Sri Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri. At first glance the name and the book sound like some Indian sage’s holy diktats – but it is not so, believe me. This book does not in any manner profess to be Hindu religious sacred epistle. No, in fact it is quite a scientific revelation into life and human beings in totality. It is a slim book of 122 pages and the ones I am referring to are from page 77 to page 87.
Page 77 has these two headings – “What is natural living?” and “What is natural food for man?” As you read on you learn the most simple and realistic basics about human beings. Everything is laid bare in its truest form about our natural cravings, our essential formation, our constitution and physique and the various parts of our body and their original function.
The information is real and yet so simple that it hits you with a jolt. You may wonder – ‘why did I not understand this before?’ Take for instance the first heading – “What is natural living?” has the following as answer – “Living depends upon the selection of (1) food, (2) dwelling, and (3) company.” It goes on to say – “lower animals can select these for themselves by the help of their instincts and the natural sentinels placed at the sensory entrances…” But man is a superior being and to know our natural needs, ‘we ought to depend upon observation, experiment, and reason.’
The next heading probes more into how ‘to select our natural food, our observation should be directed to the formation of the organs that aid in digestion and nutrition, the teeth and the digestive canal.’ The next page gives a detailed explanation of the teeth in the carnivorous, herbivorous and frugivorous animals. Our teeth structure strongly denotes us to be in the frugivorous category of animals, which means we were meant to live on fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables. Animals from the lower category adhere to their inherent way of living, but intelligent humans seem to have veered from the natural and instinctive habit of eating, drinking and living. It has only helped us to live unnaturally for generations and develop all kinds of sicknesses and illnesses – which in turn shortened our healthy longevity.
If you want to be more informed you can always go through this book and maybe bring about a healthy change in your own and family’s life. People like me do not obey strictures and rules enforced with just a sense of religion or anything else – I would rather understand the truth and then rearrange my priorities. I now know the exact truth in its simplest form and am progressing in the natural path steadily. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you all – hope I made some sense.