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The Law of Attraction – What’s the Secret to Prosperity?

The secret to prosperity is something that’s supposed to have been hidden from us, either by a coterie of top business men who, knowing the secret, thought it far too important to allow the masses knowledge of it. Or it was hidden from us by ancient practitioners of the arts, again because the masses should have no idea of how to use such a powerful tool. The masses have had rather a raw deal, haven’t we?
I don’t know how true any of this may be. I think it has a lot to do with the mental make-up of people like you and I. People have been brought up to believe that the harder they work, the more money they’ll make. Their employers will be more likely to notice them and promotions will follow.
There always seems to be something faintly distasteful about the man or woman who retires at, say, 40 years of age. Now, they sun themselves on the world’s finest beaches, stay at the most luxurious hotels, and generally live a lifestyle which we can only dream about. If we do dream about it.
By the time we’ve returned from work, taken the kids to their various activities, picked them up again, and had dinner, we watch TV for an hour and it’s off to bed. No time for considerations of wealth, provided we have enough to live on. This is a shame.
Sometimes you wish a great voice would yell ‘Stop! Enough already with the routine. Why don’t you people learn to live, not just exist from one week’s end to the next?’ Since this will never happen, you really can’t blame people for continuing in their lifestyle of work, kids and household chores. These things have to be done.
But perhaps foregoing the TV for a couple of nights a week and studying the Law of Attraction and delving into the secret of prosperity, lives could be altered and enjoyed so much more.
I don’t think we necessarily fear the rich. We fear the power they wield. Supposing Donald Trump or Warren Buffet suddenly appeared on your doorstep. I think it fairly certain that we’d show them considerable deference, not because they have such wealth, but simply because of their power.
Why do they have such power? Because of their mindset. They’re totally positive for one thing and because of that, totally decisive.
The secret of prosperity isn’t to wish for money, but problems to solve. Hypnosis is the quickest way to go about this. As far as making money on the Internet’s concerned, find a group of people with a problem, solve it for them, and the satisfying sound of credit cards being slapped down will be heard.
The other thing to make sure about is that this problem isn’t going to go away. Weight loss, for instance. This is an excellent problem to solve and it certainly isn’t going anywhere.
Bodybuilding is another. Bigger muscles, tighter abs, better this, better that. The point is, they’re all problems to one section or another of the population. These examples are broad, of course, but narrow them down into ‘niches,’ write articles, advertise, and the money should follow.