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Systematic Theory of Success

Nanterre So what makes a person successful? What is it about that person that makes you sure that they are able to achieve what they are talking about? What factors define a successful person?

Having thought and read about it since childhood here are a number of factors that I think important and how they relate to each other in a systems approach. Of course how these factors are put together and practised is the most significant step towards success and this is taught my people in different ways. However, for now this is a stab at a systematic theory of success.

There are four kinds or groups of factors that have similar roles – Potential, Kinetic, Control or Physical. Within each of these we have the following factors:










Positive Association







Potential factors are the kind of factors that define what is there already within the person. Not in the sense that they cannot be changed, because indeed they all can easily, but they are factors that exist without any more effort. They could be innate within a person or a natural part of a person’s mind or learned. They consist of the purpose that a person holds, the direction they are faced in approaching their purpose and powered by the belief they can achieve it.

Kinetic factors are the dynamic and active ones, the kind that are shown in the effort produced by the person. They consist of the energy that the person has physically, the power that motivation and desire gives them and the momentum controlling how effectively they are achieving their objectives.

Control factors provide how the person takes control and steers themselves though changes in the environment. They allow the changes from kinetic factors acted upon by a person to fit their potential factors and not destroy them. This manages the use of their intelligence to filter and control the interaction between their conscious and subconscious minds. The first factor is positive association, which is a large portion of what positive thinking or having a positive mind-set is focused on. The others are flexibility, the ability to grow and meet the new demands and stability, the control of emotions such as fear.

Physical factors are the interface between the person and the universe, or specifically the environment in which they exist so that the resources available to them enable them to physically achieve their purpose in reality. They consist of expression, the outward visible characteristics shown, history, the changes made over time and knowledge, the person’s self-awareness and awareness of information around them.

Thinking about the interaction between all these factors is useful and helps to underline how important and real this whole process is.

Educational Opportunity

Complete Denial In The Face Of Widespread And Systematic Human Rights Violations

human+rights+education+instituteGreater than 2,a hundred ninety persons are languishing in Burma’s prisons for peacefully exercising their fundamental civil and political rights, but the Director General of Prisons Zaw Win said, They’re imprisoned as a result of they’ve breached prevailing legal guidelines, not because of their political opinions.” He even went so far as to say that, There aren’t any jail deaths resulting from torture.” However, the Help Affiliation for Political Prisoners Burma, a member of the Burma Forum on the Universal Periodic Review (BF-UPR), has documented the deaths of 146 political prisoners in detention since 1988, resulting from torture and denial of medical remedy. Worldwide Instruments: Resolutions and Experiences: Basic Assembly, Human Rights Council, Fee on Human Rights and Sub-Fee for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights. World Programme for Human Rights Training, Commission on Human Rights decision 2005/61; 20 April 2005. The Scottish Government Education Division, whereas addressing HRE and EDC at policy degree, seems to fall quick in relation to the worldwide area.

Human rights research and training in Vietnam have had a major enchancment in all fields, for example: the breakthrough in policy advisory, many printed analysis works have created a community of analysis and training across the nation. Nonetheless within the sphere of formal training, Studying and Instructing Scotland (LTS) also promotes a rights-based mostly strategy and provides important support to instructional units for educating human rights and lively citizenship.

There are numerous streams of human rights training; nevertheless, those might be listed mainly as (i) mass education (ii) tutorial schooling. The convention, which prohibits amongst other things the kidnapping and sexual exploitation of children, vigorously asserts the suitable of a child to schooling. So it offers cultural schooling, raises awareness of critical human rights issues and honors variations whereas working toward frequent objectives.

These materials focus on numerous human rights issues including land confiscation, domestic violence, youngster trafficking, well being rights, the environment and democratic leadership. This was the primary time in the historical past of our country where there was a deal with the rights of ladies and ladies within the State Division. I would like everyone to feel welcome,” she stated, expressing her passion for schooling and human rights.

World Programme for Human Rights Schooling, report back to the Commission on Human Rights E/CN.four/2006/90; 27 February 2006. Adaptability: Another results of infusing schooling with a human rights perspective is that faculty systems must essentially adapt to the varied needs of particular person students, … Worldwide human rights treaties very rigorously lay out the means by which states can develop strategies to work in the direction of these ends”.