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Whenever There is a Crisis Everyone Looks For the Leader

When we were growing up and there was a problem we usually had someone we trusted to turn to. It may have been your parents, brother, sister, uncle or a teacher. The comfort of having someone to trust and believe in was very comforting.
Whatever your occupation is there will be crisis, some will be small and easily resolved and others will require you to really reach down and use your all of your character and leadership experiences and skills. The failure and success of any organization is dependent on the leaders stepping up and making the right decisions.
People that work with you everyday will be looking for you to lead them through any crisis as you are the one they trust. I have served with leaders that were excellent under favorable conditions but couldn’t handle adverse conditions. If you have never experienced really tough decision’s in the past then use your intelligence and call on your mentors or leaders that you have respect for.
No one was born with all the answers to problems in life; they are learned through personal experience or being taught by someone that has experienced them. This once again supports my personal belief that training your team is the key to success.
If you have experienced a major crisis in your life then you have a wealth of knowledge and personal experience that is invaluable. You should share these experiences with everyone that is in a leadership position in your organization. The time to share these experiences isn’t at the midnight hour but during weekly or monthly training.
I was in a company in the past and presented my case to unexpectedly shut down the entire computer system. I had leaders look at me like I was insane, how can we perform our job without computer support they asked. I then asked them if they had ever experienced a natural disaster: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes. I lived in Atlanta at the time and everyone advised me there were no such possibilities in Atlanta. We did my drill and failed miserably but we also learned a lot. Less than a year later a tornado hit downtown Atlanta and although they weren’t perfect at least they had experienced the crisis and made some very intelligent decisions.
Please don’t think you are so safe and will never face a crisis as I assure you that you will. If you haven’t any idea of what to do then trust your instincts and leadership experiences to make the best decisions possible because you will have a lot of faces looking to you for Leadership.

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Your Green Hair Looks Terrible

If someone tells you that your green hair looks terrible, you may shrug your shoulders and say that YOU don’t have green hair, you must be blind and they must be blind. But if the same one is saying that your smile looks fake-this is another matter. A slight odour of anger might come up after all who is he, to say such a thing?
Lies are lies and usually don’t make any difference to any of us unless they impact on our livelihood or respectability. The opposite is the case with truth. Truth hurts and makes us angry. Who wants to see or admit that our behavior is pretentious, the heart full of fear and the mind dumb?
However, anger can be a tool for change when we feel the full force of it and accept it as a gift to see where our physical and emotional wounds lie. Look at small children and how beautiful their anger is; we don’t judge or condemn them because a minute later they are full of love and joy.
The same can also happen with us if we turn the torch of awareness from the person who has offended us back to ourselves where the problem lies. Not only will we be more authentic with all our other feelings but more importantly we can see the power in anger and the lesson to be learned.
Any lover of truth will include his or her anger on the journey, accepting and even welcoming it as another chance of finding out about one’s deeper reality. In all relationships, whether in love partnerships or otherwise, anger is always present where there are illusions, expectations and dreams.
The thing is do we need to be more aware of the part we play in these relationships and do we need to be more aware of what hurts us and why?