Importance Of Education

Computer! Learn It Now Or Face This Worst Disaster!

Computer literacy quite recently, was defined as the knowledge and the ability to use computers and technology efficiently and effectively, in providing the desired solutions to the pressing Accounting, Mathematical, Engineering, Technological, Astrological, Meteorological, Economic and Social problems of the modern society in general terms.
There is no surprise that living without computers or at least a computer and internet have caused great disasters today in the lives of many individuals especially the youth. How do I know that? Am not gonna bore you with fairy tales of yesteryears my good friend, but I can as a matter of fact see it too clear for normal sight but rather like through a clear glass wall. Many graduates you see today have no jobs because they have all the qualitative university knowledge and a great certificate to back it up. However something very vital is wanted! That practical computer knowledge they don’t have or have not yet acquired is the ritual that has wiped out their names from the staff lists of super paying companies like Shell, Texaco, Chevron, Banks, insurance and other outstanding Companies around the world.
Many individuals today would have been successful online NETprenures like the publisher of the highest read Sports paper in Nigeria, COMPLETE sports and the widely read ‘success attitude developers weekly menu’ SUCCESS DIGEST, Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, others like Ewen Chia, Michael Filsaime, John Reese and many others that time will not permit me to mention right now if they had acquired practical computer education like these people did.
In a determined effort and attempt to make computer literacy a reality in the lives of our profound people whom we so much love as God has made us to, we thought of and have come up with not only computer literacy programmes at our various training centers (SICA trainings and Empowerment Scheme) but also have designed some special IT packages that makes you gainfully employed and helps you to earn additional regular income as soon as you graduate even if you are still working pending when you finally choose to become your own Boss.
Under this Training Scheme, we are ready and willing to render both online and offline intensive computer training services to enable our mentees and students or those who would be privileged to learn under our tutorage attain a significant comfort level with computer programmes and other applications that are associated with computers.
Through our trainings, participants will be taught how to use computer knowledge to solve daily business problems in their businesses to make their businesses grow faster.
They will also be vividly shown how to EARN a LIVING through online and offline entrepreneurship. the earlier you register, the better you become. so, hurry now and grab your own registration form to participate in the next training session before the seats are all occupied and you miss out!
Remember, BETTER is not good enough, the BEST is yet to come. Don’t catch a disaster!

Primary Education

Learn At Least One New Thing Each Day – Baloney!

The other day, I went to a website and it had advice for those folks that were intelligent, but really wanted to be a genius. One of the things it noted was that it was important to learn something new every day, and to always seek knowledge. Yes, I agree with most of that, and I certainly agree with the underlining philosophy, however I have a slight difference of opinion, and it comes from observation, experience, and now I can impart it to you as wisdom.
Forget this concept of learning something new every day, this thought you need to learn at least one new thing before you go to bed each and every night. Rather I would submit to you that you should seek to learn 100 new things each and every day of your life. And you might think that’s nearly impossible, but it’s not, I know because I do it every day. As you may not be used to it and just like someone who is training for a marathon, the average human cannot go out and run 10 miles per day, it takes conditioning and practice of course.
Indeed, I would submit to you that the average American who is that, dumb, and happy probably couldn’t run more than a mile and a half without hyperventilating, or pulling a muscle, and running out of breath. But if you practice, eventually you will be able to run three miles a day, four, five, six, and eventually ten miles without stopping. The same thing goes for learning. Sometimes you just have to focus, you have to turn your mind on, get excited about learning, and you’ll soon find out you are quite good at it.
The human brain works much like a muscle, so this is not anything you can’t accomplish. I suppose there are days when I learned 200 things, and hopefully I retain much of that, but memory is also like a muscle, as it gets better the more you use it, and the more you recall that information for use in various human endeavors. If you want to be a genius, you will have to constantly be learning and gathering new information.
They say you should never go to sleep on a full stomach, but I say you should never go to sleep with an empty mind. It is amazing what the mind can do when it rests, and if you have been accumulating information, your mind may work through problems that other humans have never solved. And if you do what I’m explaining here in this article, you too can come up with two or more original thoughts every single day of your life. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.