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Personal Development – Listen Carefully!

Start to listen within.

You can get great knowledge by listening to what famous teachers have to tell. You can pay attention and listen to other people as much as you like but the learning will help you very little if you are not able to listen to yourself.

All the important messages to guide you through life will freely been given to you if you just listen.

Pay attention to simple things inside of you.

If you are feeling tired, stop and allow yourself to rest.

Feel when you are satisfied from food, don’t overeat or drink.

Be aware if you have a pain in your body, stop to listen to where it is. Physical pain is a warning signal that something is wrong.

Pay attention before your mind goes on overload and your thoughts turn into confusion, pushing yourself to the limits.

Be present in any emotional situation and pay attention to what feels right for you.

When you are in contact with your internal message, you can be your own first doctor, psychologist or personal trainer before any imbalance manifest outside.

Listen to your real needs and what to do about them. Most of the time the solution is inside of you and you already know how to take care of it, if you just listen.

Wise men always leave any problem or decision over night. By temporary letting it go, they have time to listen to their feelings.

When you listen to your internal knowledge and use it as your daily guide. You realize that you don’t need to be nervous about doing things right or wrong, as your feelings will guide you. There will also be no need to win or lose, trying to gain energy from power games.

You will be free from external distractions by listening within, receiving your internal answers and knowledge about your needs.

Use your vast inner information bank to stay in contact with yourself. It is all inside. You just need to learn to listen.

Education Issues

Lack of Professional Development Can Hurt Your Business

Imagine what it would be like if you were required to do all your paperwork with only the use of a quill pen, ink well and coal oil lamp. You probably would not like this as you know that there are far better tools to do the job.
But perhaps there are other areas of your business that you think you have the newest equipment and knowledge when you really are not up to date.
If you are so busy doing the work, without attending courses or doing research, you might actually be very much behind the times.
It is a rather sad, but at the same time funny thing to consider that my grandchildren think I am rather archaic because I still use email. They don’t usually even open theirs unless I sent them a text message or call them with a request that they check to see what I have sent them.
They would be shocked to meet the people who I know who don’t even know how to use email. Some people don’t even have a computer!
Well, you can be as determined (or stubborn) as you like, but the fact is that if you are not learning about the options that are available to you, chances are you are losing both time and energy every day.
Professional development is designed to help you develop knowledge, skills and abilities to improve your career and business. Most training is backed by the latest research and designed to offer you steps for implementation. Besides the formal learning, however, is the opportunity to learn from others who are in the group.
But professional development does not occur unless you make an effort to capture it.
Last night I flew home from four days in Calgary where I was studying to be a Parenting Coordinator. While waiting for the flight, I met a woman who I used to work with and she asked question after question about technology. She was trying to figure out what piece of equipment she should buy to take on her extensive travels. She wanted a light and easy to use device but did not seem to have any idea about the iPhone or how it might be useful for her.
It was interesting to watch her as she extended her training by asking the fellow in the next seat on the airplane for his advice. She had set up her own little professional development seminar and, because she was willing to ask the questions without embarrassment, she was learning – without charge.
When you do not have a good professional development plan your business could be hurt. Decades ago, this might occur slowly but today, with the rapid development of technology and research, you might find that it is only a few months and you will be far behind the competition.