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GED – The Key to Better Jobs and Higher Education

GED – The Key to Better Jobs and Higher Education

There is no short-cut to better jobs and higher education. For the 39 million American adults without high school diplomas, it can be frustrating to find that opportunities are closed to them. Pam Graves had experienced this frustration first hand.

As a new mother needing a higher-paying job, Graves applied for a position at a bank. When she saw that the application asked for her education, she knew that without a high school diploma, she wouldn’t even be considered for the position. She did something understandable: she lied. Nine months later, Graves was up for a promotion, but instead, she found herself without a job, again. The bank found out that she didn’t really graduate high school, and she lost her job.

Graves knew that she’d need to get her high school diploma to move forward with her life. That’s when she found out about the GED. Instead of taking night classes to finish high school, Graves was able to earn her GED diploma. Now, Graves works as an office manager. This year, she spoke at the GED graduation ceremony for local GED graduates, who included her two youngest brothers who earned their GED this year.

Graves hopes to earn a college degree, and keep moving forward in her life. Her story shows the challenges that face American adults who never graduated high school. The GED provides the opportunity to qualify legitimately for the better jobs and higher education that allow adults to care for their families and accomplish their goals in life.

The road to success takes a commitment to get your GED, but passing the GED is an achievable goal. Many people can prepare for the exams with a few weeks of brush-up. Most adults have more of a foundation of high school skills than they think. Learners, even if they’ve been out of school for a while or had trouble in the classroom, can gain the essential skills the GED tests through a good study program. Taking Pam Graves’ example and earning your GED can be a breakthrough decision for the rest of your life.