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Baby Sitting 101

Being a nanny is not easy, just like any other job it involves you having the right skills to do this. You do not need to enjoy staying with babies in order for you to be a good nanny. Below are some qualities you must have in order to be a good nanny.
First you should not be easy distracted with unnecessary issues. A baby needs constant monitoring since they are very fragile so you should ensure you constantly monitor the baby and even assist the mother who is covering.
Since both of them are fragile at this stage in this life you need to ensure that you constantly monitor them and ensure that they are of good health.
Secondly, you need to ensure you are tolerant in your place of work. Being a nanny involves being confined in a house for a long time and that requires tolerance so that you cannot be too objective.
Thirdly, you should have all the relevant necessary knowledge and skills of taking care of the baby, since the mother is weak at this time, you are the only one who the child depends on and so you should have the necessary knowledge and skills in which you can manage the baby all this time.
You should also be able to work at full-time basis or part-time basis, some parents may prefer you come a t specific times and leave at specific times where they can be able to manage.
While others may require you stay with them full time since they cannot be able to manage with the babies hence you will be employed fulltime.
Being in a house as a nanny is not an easy task. Just like any job, but it can be a bit easy if you have the necessary skills.