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A Variety Of Certificate Programs For In-Depth Studies

A Variety Of Certificate Programs For In-Depth Studies

The University of Maryland has a handful of certificate programs that allow individuals to specialize within a certain subject area. This is a great way to add on to your current degree or to use to help advance your present career. The university has a total of 10 different programs that students can choose from.

One type of certificate program offered to students is in African American Studies. It is a 21-credit hour program that allows students to achieve a specialization in African American issues. Students may choose to follow a concentration in either cultural and social analysis or public policy. This is a great way to enhance many different undergraduate degree areas and can help individuals further develop their scope of their educational journey.

There is also a certificate program in International Agricultural and Natural Resources. Within this program, students are required to relate their disciplinary knowledge along with their technical skills to the global agriculture and natural resources issues. It is also necessary for you to become familiar with a foreign language because you will be studying abroad as a part of your coursework. Students in the program are able to gain the tools necessary to understand the inner workings of the international level of agricultural development and production.

A certificate in Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender Studies is also available. This is a great path if you are interested in pursuing a graduate program in an interdisciplinary field such as Gender Studies. Many individuals who want to begin a career in the non-profit arena also find this certificate program helpful in their pursuits. Within the program, students become familiar with the major concepts and vocabulary associated with the subject area.

Students are also able to take a program in Secondary Education. This is a great starting point for interested individuals who are not ready to make a commitment to a major degree program in the subject area. It can also be used as a supplemental program for those individuals who have already completed their Bachelor’s degree in secondary education. This program consists of four classes that are chosen from a pool of nine courses.

There is also a program in East Asian Studies. This is a 24-credit hour program designed to give students a thorough background in the culture and history as well as contemporary issues that face the countries of Japan, Korea, and China. Within the course of the program, you will partake in classes about language instruction, civilization, and other elective classes.

Students can also choose to enroll in the certificate program in Latin American Studies. This program allows students to earn an interdisciplinary certificate, and will give you knowledge in the international studies of Latin America as well as the Caribbean. You need to be able to demonstrate a competence in Spanish or Portuguese as a part of this program. There are a total of 21 credits that have to be met in order to receive your certificate.