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What You Should Look For When Choosing An Online College

Many people now more than ever are pursuing further education to enhance their career prospects. There is a wide variety of online colleges and universities to choose from. Technology has made it possible for people to further their education to the fullest capacity. Whether it is an associate’s degree, bachelor’s, MBA, or a graduate degree, online learning can provide a path for anyone’s aspiration.

How To Know If A Online School Is Best For You 

There are many different colleges and universities that offer degrees online. Some of the nation’s biggest institutions provide online courses. One of the first steps to take in choosing an online school is knowing what it is that you want to study. By having a good concept about what it is that you want to achieve, this will help to make the selection more precise and clarified for you. If it’s an online university for military then, you would want to look for universities that specialize in that area of education.

The most important aspect of any online school should be that it is accredited. Many schools are not regionally accredited schools. However, most online schools are accredited regionally. Another important factor to consider is your daily life. Are you a full-time student or part-time? Is your availability to attend to your studies on an everyday basis? Also, Does your schedule allow for you to be flexible? These are important things to consider.

Online Education Can Be A Positive Experience 

Online education can provide many beneficial factors for students. For some people, they prefer to work on their own and be on their own schedule. A traditional college entails a student to be in class at certain times and days of the week. When you are enrolled in an online college, the schedule is usually adjustable. The materials that are used in the courses, can be easily found online. In most college campus classes the students are expected to do their research at the library.

In addition, some costs of online schools and universities are lower than the tuition rate of a usual college experience. The textbooks that are used in many college courses can be expensive. A lot of times, online schools will provide the textbooks in a digital format. Students who enroll in online classes find it more convenient to not have to spend money commuting to class. Students are able to help their own financial matters by working around their online college time. Traditionally, college students that study on campus, have fewer hours to work. Therefore, they earn less money.

Be Sure To Research The Online School Throughly 

Before you enroll in an online school, it is vital that you research everything you can about the school. You need to know that the degree you are pursuing is valid and not a waste of your time. There are many different ways to examine a school and see if it is not worth your money and precious time. By doing in-depth research, it can save you from anxiety and disappointment in the long run.

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How to Help Create a Better Learning Environment

Do you currently have a child in school right now that you wish you could help better their learning environment and education? Their success of their education is mainly dependent on their environment. According to, the conditions for learning are critical to the students’ academic achievement, success, improved grades, test scores, strong attendance and positive relationships between teachers, adults and students. It is important to recognize signs that your student may need more of an encouraged learning environment. Many times, student may suffer in their education because they do not have the critical elements that are needed to create a positive learning environment. It may be something as small as changing out school furniture or changing the type of resources used in the classroom. Creating a positive learning environment is the best way to get your students to learn and stay motivated.

According to, in the United States, there is a 30 percent rate of students failing to graduate high school. What is even more shocking, is 50 to 70 percent of students fail to graduate in the urban settings. There needs to be more focus on how teachers and parents can work together in decreasing the number of children dropping out of high school. The numbers only continue to increase as every year passes. Students who have disabilities and children who live in poverty are more likely to experience high numbers in failing in their education. It is the obvious that many children tend to fail because of the lack of available resources and the lack of a positive environment to encourage learning.

To change the rapid numbers of students failing in their education, there needs to be change in their environment. It can start with simply changing their classroom furniture. There is furniture available that specialize in creating a more comfortable learning environment for students. For example, there are desks and chairs that are spacious and provide plenty of room for the student to sit comfortably and focus on their reading or writing. When a student tends to feel uncomfortable, they are less likely to want to sit and focus. Their focus becomes centered on how uncomfortable they feel. Take the time to research how you can incorporate better furniture that will facilitate a learning environment. You can conduct a search online for: Spectrum Furniture. These types of company specialize in creating designs for their furniture that help students learn better. In addition, think about having a fundraiser of some sort that can help with the costs of replacing furniture and possibly other resources like books and or computers.

Every year there are kids failing in their education. Parents and teachers should come together to work together in decreasing the dropout rates. These young students play a huge role in the future of the world. These young minds may be responsible for finding cures for cancers and even making miracles happen. Take the time to think about ways you can help change the lives of many students today.

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What is UPSC Prelims answer key and how to use/download it? How can it help students to prepare for UPSC

The CSE or the Civil Service Exam is organised by the Union Public Service Commission, conducted to recruit people for the civil service of the country. There are two parts to the examination, the CSE Prelims and the Main Exam. The former serves as a qualifier for the latter but is not any less difficult. Any Officer in the civil service of the country must qualify both examinations and fare well in them. Out of about 7 lakh takers of the Civil Services Exam last year in 2017, only 15000 made it through. And it is a dismal figure every year.

With the CSE 2018 around the corner, the candidates are busy putting the last minute touches to their preparation as the way their future is going to go will soon be decided. Every individual preparing for the UPSC has put in serious effort. A chief factor of the preparation is the solving of previous years’ question papers, especially the questions of the year immediately before the year they will appear in.

The question papers and answer keys are easily available online from different portals and exam study apps. The answer key is crucial to the preparation of any candidate. The answer key contains the correct answers for the UPSC exam paper. It serves as the point of reference for the candidate to understand that they had gone wrong, figure out where they went wrong, and accordingly take measures of self-improvement. It is important for anyone invested in the exam to obtain a proper answer key for the papers they solve. Answer keys may be published by the many different online portals, but a legitimate answer key is extremely necessary for those preparing.

And indeed the answer key can have a legitimate source. The Union Public Service Commission itself publishes the answer key to each year’s questions eiyhi a few days of the examination.

Here is the way to gain access to the UPSC published answer key from their official website:

  1. Log on to UPSC Official Website

The official website of the Union Public Service Commission ( is kept up to date with the latest information regarding examinations, admit card distribution, rescheduling of examinations and other details. Make sure to log on to the website to easily find the answer key to previous year’s question papers, so that you can use it for your preparations. Once you have taken the examination yourself, you can check out the answer key to your year as well, to have an idea of how well you have performed.

  1. Click on the tab in the top right corner

On the top right corner is an icon, by clicking which a sub-page will open on the main web page of the UPSC website. You are looking for the ‘Examinations’ option on the sub-page.

  1. Look for ‘Examinations’ option

In the host of options on the sub-page related to the CSE and the UPSC, look for the option relating to ‘Examinations’ and see the options given.

  1. ‘Answer Keys’

Under ‘Examinations’, there will again be many options. The one that says ‘Answer Keys’ is the one. This is the option you are looking for. Select, to know more.

  1. PDF file

Clicking on ‘Answer Keys’ the website will open on a page with all the answer keys listed, by the recent examinations that the UPSC has held. The list contains PDF links, in blue, to the answer keys to the listed examinations.

  1. Download file

Click on the blue lines of text, to download the PDF files for the exam that pertains to you. Click on ‘save’ after the file is downloaded to find it easily on your device.

  1. Search directly on Google

The Union Public Service Commission homepage and subpages easily show up on the Google search engine as well. In the search bar type in what you are looking for, something along the lines of ‘UPSC CSE Answer key’. Add the year about the question paper you are solving. This will also help you access to answer keys before the year immediately preceding to yours and save you from a lot of scrolling down, on the UPSC official website, should you use the method mentioned in the previous points.

The answer keys are an indispensable part of the CSE Prelims preparation. Any candidate should most definitely go through the previous year’s papers for a detailed preparation. It follows from here that the UPSC prelims answer key they refer to should be a legitimate one. Understanding your mistakes is fundamental to self-improvement and to better your preparation. A legitimate answer key makes sure that you are not left doubting yourself or confused, about any question, as you prepare yourself for the upcoming exam.

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How Technology Has Transformed the Education Sector

In the last three decades, technology has had a significant impact on almost all industries and aspects of human life. People can now communicate and interact with family and friends, sometimes continents apart. However, the effects of technological innovations on any industry are always disruptive. For instance, the predicated commercialization of self-driving automobiles in the transport industry threatens to eliminate millions of employment opportunities all over the world.

The invention of chatbots through artificial intelligence and machine learning models has threatened thousands of jobs in the sales representative and customer care departments. The birth of the internet just two decades ago and the rise of social media platforms are transforming the way business organizations operate and forced them to change their traditional modes of doing business into digital ones. The education sector has also not been left behind. Technology is transforming the fundamental processes in the education sector. In this article, we are going to highlight how technology has changed education so far.

Mobile learning content

The rise of mobile applications for learning such as random name picker iPhone app, has revolutionized the process of teaching and learning in the 21st century. The advent of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets has enhanced the accessibility of learning material since almost everyone in institutions of higher learning has a smartphone. Leading tech firms such as Microsoft and Google have put a lot of emphasis on mobile devices. A recent study carried out by Google indicated that over 45% of all the people who browse the internet daily are using tablets and smartphones. This means that mobile devices will be a critical component of e-learning. Content providers have also been urged to create sites that have been optimized for mobile use.


One of the most significant ways that technological innovations have transformed the education sector, is by making the learning process more flexible. Online courses have made it very easy for students to learn at their level of understanding and during their free time. This has improved flexibility as compared to the traditional brick and mortar class where students must adhere strict timelines schedules. Technological innovations have made it easier for students to learn from anywhere in the world. This has eliminated the time and resources that were previously used to travel long distances to attend the physical classes. Online learning has also made the access to learning materials easier since the lecturers can send notes through a class email.

New content

The development in technology has enabled students to have accessibility to new learning materials more efficiently. For instance, learners can access e-books from online databases and websites from any geographical location and at any time of day and night. Moreover, many famous test books have their digital versions found on the internet. All a student needs to do is to download the book and access the content on the mobile device or computer. Although many digital textbooks that are found online are usually not in a complete form, they play a critical role in the learning process. E-books continue to transform the way students use and access learning content as they continue to study.

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How to get rid of your student loans

There is nothing more stressful than debt, worries about monthly spending and being searched by creditors. Did you ever think that maybe you just do not know how to get rid of these debts? Well, you’re not the only one! Fortunately, there are experts who can show you some practical ways to help you pay your debts on time and student loans review.

First, there are times in your life periods when debt is inevitable. For example, you can buy a house, a car, pay for medical fees or student loans. If you do not have the money to make a full purchase, then taking a loan can often be a move that’s even recommended.

However, there are situations when you borrow more money than you can afford, and you are unable to repay them. This is the time when problems arise. However, it is important not to panic. You can always find solutions to help you get rid of debt. See here even more advice.

Here are some practical tips that will help you better manage your debt:

  1. Perform a financial re-evaluation

It begins in the new year, always looking at both the mistakes and the financial successes of the previous year. What can you learn from this? What did you do well? What could you do better? Elaborate a budget for the next year, using what you learned from the previous year and use it to guide your spending in the future.

  1. Plan and buy smart

Make a list of the items you need to buy before you go shopping. Knowing in advance what you need and limit yourself to only purchase those items will allow you to fit into the budget. Try to establish with your family and friends and buy together what you need in larger quantities. This can help you save you in the long run. If you tend to exaggerate with Christmas gifts, and this is important to you, get ready early. Consider budgeting and buying gifts throughout the year to avoid last-minute spending and debt.

  1. Take a part-time job

One of the best ways to get rid of debt is choosing a part-time job. The extra money you will earn is an excellent way to pay your bills. Obviously, if your time allows it and your current job is not very demanding.

  1. Sell what is no longer useful

Another recommended to get some extra money to pay your debts is to sell items that you no longer need or do not use anymore.

  1. Consider the advice of a specialist

If you realize that you just cannot manage your own budget and personal expenses, you can call a financial specialist. It does not have to be a professional that you need to pay. Instead, it can be a friend with money management experience that can provide you with financial education, guidance and counseling.

Moreover, you can take up some useful habits.

  • Habit 1 – Write down all monthly expenses

Write on a sheet of paper all your monthly expenses. This way, you are aware of what you are spending your money on. Once you have all the written expenses, see where you can cut off some expenses. Do this monthly. This way, in a few months, you will get the feeling of control over your expenses.

  • Habit 2 – Make a savings account dedicated to debt payments

The surplus of money from spending cuts (habit 1) can be transferred into your savings account. What do you do with the amounts accumulated there? You can use them to pay your debt on a regular basis.

  • Habit 3 – Do not borrow any more money!

Take the radical decision not to borrow money anymore. A loan can give you a surplus of money now, but this surplus will not change your bad habit of spending your money on something you do not use. Several loans only bury you even harder in debt. Even if you may have the illusion of escaping debt, in fact, you are not doing so.

There are situations where financing a project requires going into debt (buying a home or financing a business can be good examples in this respect). For those with “bad” debts, however, it’s important to realize that their pay is, as a rule, a long-term game. Because you have accumulated long-term debt and what you have to do, in fact, is to stop a negative habit.

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How to Lock the Best Job Opportunities and Ace Them

Do you have a job interview scheduled or are you narrowing down the list of best opportunities you should consider? You are definitely on the stronger side when you have stronger qualification, credentials, and experience. However, with the growing competition, it’s essential to consider all important steps that helps you lock down your favorite job opportunities.

Stand out as the best option amongst the rest and work where you like following these amazing tips below:

Plan Ahead and Do Your Research

Be patient while you plan your move. You are on a job hunt and to lock the best job opportunities, you first need to determine what you are looking for. Your educational background, skills, expertise, and personal interest will help you choose an industry.

Now move ahead and check out the best organizations and the job openings in each. Narrow down your list based on your preferences. Check for the details to see if you perfectly match the requirements. Prepare your list and get started.

Practice In-Person Interviews

Once your interviews are scheduled, take your time to practice answering interview questions. Maintain a professional body language with confidence. Keep your nerves calm before adjusting to the hot seat where you will be interviewed.

You can take help from family members or friends for a dummy interview session. Jot down the questions that you will probably be asked. Take more time and practice in case it’s a panel interview. You don’t want to look nervous or confused answering multiple people at a time.

Keep Up with Multimedia Practices

Regardless of the industry you have chosen, keeping up with multimedia practices is essential. It’s the way to keep up with the fast-pace technology we are blessed with today.

You are naturally expected to have all the necessary information about multimedia learning experience – which will eventually be used during training sessions, meetings, etc. Pack yourself up a few answers related to multimedia and its role in different industries to deal with a surprise question.

Boost Your Credentials

Have you heard about Project Management Professional (PMP) certification? It’s a great method to instantly give a boost to your skills and current credentials. With this certification under your belt, you can expect to stand apart because of the standardized knowledge and exclusive know-how about different project management.

The candidate enjoys improved networking potentials and open doors to greater job opportunities. One word of advice here: regardless of how efficient you are with project management, make sure you undergo proper PMP exam prep before attempting it.

Ask Questions

Listening is equally important in a job interview as answering questions. In order to give a good response, pay attention and listen. Don’t forget, there are other candidates out there with similar or better qualification. Therefore, take your time and discuss your qualifications and credentials to impress the interviewer.

For better engagement, do not hesitate in asking a few questions. Don’t get annoying – just a few, simple questions. At the end of it, make sure the interviewer is clear about how much you are interested in the job and why you are the perfect fit for a candidate.

If you are willing to follow these tips, you are just a step away from hearing ‘welcome aboard!’