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Become Massively Competent

Any feeling of incompetence we have, may be an alarm of realization that change is needed. We may not believe it’s required but it should still be considered. Competency can be improved many ways and will always benefit us.
Many people are considered competent in various areas of their lives. This is not a problem in most cases and in many situations it is acceptable. The skill needed to perform certain tasks may only require a “sufficient” amount of knowledge and ability, yet in other undertakings that can be a hindrance. The need to be “more” may be desirable or even a requirement to advance in certain realms we encounter. These are the places we must concentrate additional energy on in order to achieve those results.
Is being competent a good enough qualification for you in your position? Depending on what your “position” is will decide your answer to that question. Most people feel comfortable with where they are and are satisfied to remain there. That is a great place to be but others have a deeper yearning for more. They constantly wish and dream of bigger and better things but aren’t usually willing to take the required actions to change. This is a miserable place to be and dissatisfaction is always present. When these feelings become strong enough the only alternative is to do what must be done. They must become massively competent, increasing the levels of their proficiency.
What does the statement becoming massively competent mean? It is the increasing of our knowledge, abilities and determinations to achieve a greater spectrum to draw conclusions from. This expansion should be a goal in every possible area of our lives. The broader the basis our experience has, the more effective we will be in solving objectives. It is always easier to make a decision founded on a larger fact base. This will provide us the best opportunity to accomplish the newest complication.
No matter which part of your life needs improvement, the most efficient means of doing so is through your competency. The increase in your knowledge and wisdom will create a desire for more and continually cause you to grow. This growth gives added confidence and a loss of fear, giving us a new sense of accomplishment.

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The Benefits Of Pursuing A Vocational Degree

The Benefits Of Pursuing A Vocational Degree

When graduating high school, it can be difficult to decide between pursuing a college education and pursuing a trade/vocation. Some students know all along what they want to do with their lives, but for others, the decision is not easy. It is important to take into consideration your personal interests, abilities, and goals when making the decision of what kind of post-secondary education to pursue.

Enrolling in post-secondary education after high school is necessary to your success in the workforce. Getting a college education or learning a skilled trade will allow you to earn the income you need to live an acceptable quality of life and support a family should you choose to do so. Without training or education, you will be forced to find low-paying unskilled labor. A vocational certificate or diploma can make the difference between living comfortably and existing in poverty.

Vocational or trade programs can take place at community colleges, technical schools, or trade schools. These programs are usually both accessible and affordable, and they are often short-term. You may spend as a few as a couple of months in your vocational or trade program, where you will learn the key skills you need to perform your trade.

Many students in vocational programs appreciate the fact that they learn only concepts that directly apply to their future careers. If you have ever been frustrated in an academic class because you wondered how the curriculum applied to your life, you will likely thrive in the practical environment of a vocational or trade program.

Most graduates from a vocational or technical program are eligible for an entry-level job upon graduation. You will still need to gain experience and skills while in the workforce, but you will be knowledgeable enough to qualify for gainful employment right away. You will then have a lifetime to work your way up in your field.

Most people enter a vocational program because they realize that a college degree is not for everyone. If you do not have as much scholastic aptitude as you have technical aptitude, a vocational or trade program is likely your best bet. You can put your particular talents to use in an environment that suits your talents. You’ll be surprised to find that it is possible for someone in a skilled trade to make just as much as a college graduate! It all depends on your field, level of ability, and ambition.

Your choice of program will depend on your areas of strength and ability. If you are compassionate, good with people, and interested in the medical field, perhaps you could become a radiologic technician. If you have always been good at fixing machinery and working on your car, maybe becoming an auto technician is right for you. Your local community college or technical school likely has dozens and dozens of programs to choose from!

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Science and the Bible

People have used science to try and discredit the bible. According to some the bible has now become an “outdated book” because science can now give us all the knowledge we need. However all the scientific knowledge gathered so far are still more or less theories and are still yet to be proven as fact. So while some areas of science are valid, there are still categories of information that need to be tested or established.

Science is basically the gathering of knowledge to better understand the how and why of how things work as it relates to the world and the universe. Science and technology go hand in hand as they are both dependent on each other.

There are two categories of science:

Exact Sciences – these would include physics, chemistry, biology etc. For exact science the certainty of information is greater and in some cases the function is more analytical, while in others it is mostly descriptive.

Non Exact Sciences – History, Sociology and Humanities. For the non-exact sciences, the degree of definiteness is small, but in some branches exactness is allowed. That is why you can detect biasness in some areas, but not in others.

The methods for study and analysis will differ from discipline to discipline and the methods of investigation and analysis will be valid from one field but not for another. What is important though is that logic be used in the methods of investigation. Logic helps in determining what is true from false.

Therefore, one has to be careful when discussing the Bible and science. Science is a good thing and has made great strides especially in recent times, but in a lot of cases it has been used to discredit God and the Bible.

In the world of science, information can be categorized as theories and facts. Information that is based on theory should have no place in discussions about the bible and science, only those that deal with the facts and laws of science. When using scientific information based on facts, you will find that a lot of misconceptions about the bible will disappear.

Scientific Models

A model is used when studying things that cannot be easily handled. There are two types of models – qualitative or descriptive models and quantitative or mathematical models.

The theory of evolution and scientific creation are both examples of scientific models. However, the evolutionist should not claim his model is truth. He should rather state that his model is a possibility in which life came into being.

Testing of both models should be able to explain:

the maximum number of observed phenomena related to life, and

the maximum number of predictions about phenomena related to life, but not observed so far.

Only the Scientific Creation module has been able to do this.

In the world of Science, model making is a must. However, it must be understood that the model itself is not truth but only a representation of the truth. Therefore, the Christian Apologist must be wary when scientific theories are used in debates or discussions with the bible.

Historical Science

Science has really advanced over the years. It is used in a variety of ways to find answers to questions that long ago seemed impossible to answer. However, when it comes to the bible, we must understand that material science cannot explain or give answers to those questions that come out of the bible. We must look to historical science.

The Origin of the Universe, Life and Archaeology belongs with Historical studies. Demanding scientific proof for historical events in the Bible is beyond reason and shows the lack of knowledge about scientific investigation.

The Christian Apologist must make it known to his opponents who use physical science to discredit the bible that you cannot mix the two for their own biases and purposes.

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Successful Online Certificate Programs Are Plentiful At Cornell University

Successful Online Certificate Programs Are Plentiful At Cornell University

Cornell University offers a number of professional development and certificate programs from their online site called eCornell. These online certificate programs are a great way to enhance ones career from a stand out university. By enrolling into any one of eCornell’s programs you will absolutely aid in the success of your future and your career.

One of the certificate programs that eCornell offers is the Human Resources Directors Certificate. This program is nine credits and considered to be a graduate level program. The program allows for students to improve their human resources knowledge, critical leadership skills, and understanding of top-level negotiation and coaching techniques. It can also increase your contribution and value to your organization or business. The program provides individuals with an engaging and business-driven approach to human resources.

Another certificate program that is offered by eCornell is the Master Certificate in Hospitality Management. The main purpose of this certificate program is to provide students with an overview of the hospitality industry. Students in the program are also given the knowledge of the best practices in hospitality management, in addition to the fundamentals involved in becoming a successful high-performing hotel or office executive. This program is best for aspiring managers or those who have just been promoted to a high-level management position.

A Master Certificate in Foodservice Management is also available through eCornell. This program provides students with a thorough instruction in everything that encompasses foodservice management. This includes learning about service systems, sales, marketing, restaurant revenue, and customer service. Individuals that are looking to begin careers within the field of foodservice management or who have been recently promoted to a high-level management position within the field are best served in participating in this program.

Students who want to become project managers or systems designers in their current workplace or elsewhere are greatly benefited by the Master Certificate program in Systems Design and Project Leadership. Once in the program, students learn the importance of working with diverse people and how to effectively manage them. This program was created from Cornell University’s College of Engineering.

Cornell University has a Master Certificate in Healthcare Leadership program available through eCornell. This program provides students with the ability to enhance their strategic planning and decision making tools need to lead in the healthcare industry. This is an accelerated program and is able to be completed in as little as two to three months. Students who want greater job fulfillment or wish to advance in their current healthcare career find this program of great success.

There is also a more non-traditional certificate program offered by eCornell, which is their Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. With the growing interest in how the foods we eat can affect our health and even create or deter diseases, more individuals are becoming interested in this idea. The program only has a total of three courses and has become popular by both healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals alike.

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Course In IT: What They Will Train You For

Course In IT: What They Will Train You For

Any course in IT will give you tools that will be beneficial in some regard later in life. Even if you have no plans to work in this field, you are likely to run into some real world use for your IT skills. On the other hand, going after a career in an IT field can lead to some great job opportunities and be able to earn great pay! In this article I will discuss some real world applications that they will train you for and how this will benefit you.

A good majority of companies use computers in some way, shape or form. Some companies rely completely on computers to bring in customers while others use computers to store important information and use systems to process things to make their business easier.

An IT course will train you to be able to work with computers in an efficient manner so you can help these companies accomplish their goals. This could be anything from building websites to operating something as simple as basic software programs. There is an unlimited amount of abilities and specialty areas that you can choose to go into. Here is a brief list of computer information technology areas that you can focus on when going to school.

– Web design – Databases – Graphic work – Building software programs – Building hardware components – Building communication networks Computers are everywhere and they are still growing in number. Establishing yourself as an expert in computers is likely to get you a few job interviews in the future.

When you enroll in a course in IT, you will likely have to take classes that will teach you everything about the computer. This includes how to fix them if they are broken, how to maintain them so that they don’t break, even building your own systems and making things work for yourself.

You will have to take courses in personal computer applications, programming, networking, computer graphics, using the internet and designing pages to be put on the internet. These are just a few courses you will have to enroll in to obtain your certificate or degree.

Any course in IT will certainly train you for real life situations because of the vast amount of use and reliability of computers in society today. Obtaining this degree will surely give you the opportunity to have a large amount of jobs to choose from today and well into the future. It’s a smart career to go into for sure!